December 8th Photos Page

Another day onboard Big J, the day after the big Pearl Harbor Attack observance.  I heard there were huge crowds onboard earlier in the week and there is supposed to be another ceremony onboard tomorrow, the 9th.  After signing in I joined a group that was setting up for that ceremony on the fantail.  We had to round up 250 chairs and arrange them on the deck for visitors.  That didn't take too long though and once we were finished it was off to the Brass Shop for duty.  I picked up where I had left off from weeks past on portholes on the Main Deck and O1 levels.  As usual, many of the portholes were sealed up and painted shut so they required a lot of effort to get them cleaned up and shining again, but they look great when we're finished with them!  So far we've managed to do all of them on the Main Deck and maybe half on the O1 level, we're getting there slowly but surely.  I also spent some more time up in the Plot Room finishing up a few remaining large brass pieces left after the last time I worked there in November.  All in all it was a pretty productive day, and there was a steady stream of visitors all day long.  For my picture taking tour today I visited the 6th division area down on Deck 2.  A former crewman wanted to see pictures of the 6th division's berthing areas and the Sail Loft area, so that's where I took a number of the pictures below.  The 6th Division's area is just forward of Turret #1 on Deck 2, but the lockers and berthing areas pretty much all look the same to me.  That's it for today, hope everyone has a great Holiday season! 


December 8th Photo #1
The elevator tower and stairs are taking shape near the bow

December 8th Photo #2

Look familiar fellas?
December 8th Photo #3
Lockers in the 6th Division Area, recognize any names?
December 8th Photo #4
Decorative tile on the deck of the Sail Loft, on Deck 3
December 8th Photo #5
Large table, for sewing I believe, down in the Sail Locker
December 8th Photo #6
Another shot in the 6th Division's area on Deck 2
December 8th Photo #7
Not the nicest of days weather wise, but a productive one just the same 
December 8th Photo #8
Another look at the progress on the pier and elevator / stair tower

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Line Drawing of Big J

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