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With the holidays behind me I made my first trip of the New Year back to New Jersey to spend another day doing volunteer work onboard Big J.  When I came onboard everyone was talking about the huge crowds that had come to visit the ship over the Christmas holidays.  I heard there were over 1,000 visitors on several different days, that's amazing!  When I signed in I was assigned with a group of guys to get the Ward Room ready for a Boy Scout Awards presentation later that afternoon.  We spent part of the morning rounding up 150 chairs and arranging them in the Ward Room for the affair.  Once that task was over I went below to the Brass Shop and checked in with Bruce the Brass Master.  As always there were plenty of things to do on the list so I picked an item and was off to work.  I spent the day polishing brass from the O2 level along parts of the Tour Route.  Today I also took the time to get a new photo volunteer badge and was issued a set of U.S. Navy coveralls to wear onboard.  I'm starting to feel more and more like a permanent crewman every day!  I must say that I'm encouraged by the number of people I see making the trip to visit the ship and also by the things they say to me as they pass by on the Tour Routes while we polish away.  This ship has found a good home and we're going to take real good care of her.  As usual I did snap a few photos while I was onboard, but not nearly as many as usual.  She looked really good though all lit up for the holidays, her first Christmas on the Camden Waterfront.  Hope you had a great holiday season, Happy New Year!  


January 5th Photo #1
The Brass Shop is currently located on Deck 2
right next to what used to be the Ship's Dental Clinic

January 5th Photo #2

Here's another shot of one of the Dental Chairs
January 5th Photo #3
This is the Officer's Barbershop up on O2, a single chair operation
January 5th Photo #4
This is the Ships Video Recording Studio
January 5th Photo #5
I had to get my new photo ID and this is Pat, one of
the Home Port Alliance staffers who hooked me up!
January 5th Photo #6
The next several photos show Big J all lit up for the holidays
January 5th Photo #7
Photo 2
January 5th Photo #8
Photo 3
January 5th Photo #9
Photo 4
January 5th Photo #10
Photo 5

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Line Drawing of Big J

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