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I had planned to be onboard on January 26th, but mother nature forced a change of plans for me.  For early February the weather wasn't too bad today, but there was a strong wind blowing all day.  Today I wore my newly issued Navy coveralls, the official uniform for all volunteers.  After signing in I headed to the Brass Shop and found it buzzing with activity.  There were already several volunteers there working and I too had work to do in no time flat.  The move is on to open additional areas of the ship in the near future including segments of Broadway and some of the Engine Room Spaces.  In preparation for this a lot of brass from the proposed tour routes has been removed and brought to the Brass Shop to get shined up and ready for inspection.  Many of these items have been painted over which means more work for us, but they look real nice when we're through with them!  I spent most of my day in the Brass Shop area working on those pieces but late in the day I did do a little exploring.  I found a way to get into Turret #3 from below decks, which is a lot easier than climbing down from the gun rooms inside the Turret.  I also revisited several of the Engine Rooms along Broadway, and they look ready to admit visitors.  I don't think all tours will go below decks, I think there will be different levels of tours and some will include stops at new below decks areas.  For anyone that gets to go down there though it will be a treat, those areas are in great shape, I could explore down there all day!  That's about it for this trip onboard, we got a lot of work done, and I took a few pictures to share with you here, enjoy. 


February 2nd Photo #1
Close up of Mounts 51 and 53 from the gangway

February 2nd Photo #2

Jack Staff flying in the stiff breeze
February 2nd Photo #3
I climbed up on a hill to get a panoramic picture, but it didn't quite
work out.  This one and the next three are a series of the ship
 from the higher vantage point.
February 2nd Photo #4
Photo 2
February 2nd Photo #5
Photo 3
February 2nd Photo #6
Photo 4
February 2nd Photo #7
A final shot from on the hill
February 2nd Photo #8
Another close up of Mounts 51 and 53 showing
crowd arriving on deck for a tour
February 2nd Photo #9
A lot of progress has been made on the pier and elevator towers in recent months
February 2nd Photo #10
Elevator tower and stairs leading up to main deck adjacent to Turret #1
February 2nd Photo #11
Shot along the starboard side from the gangway showing the Quarterdeck
February 2nd Photo #12
The GeeDunk (Snack Bar), still in it's original location, is
open and selling goodies to visitors and volunteers
February 2nd Photo #13
I ventured down into the powder magazine areas below Turret #3 today
and came across this sign on the bulkhead outlining Safety Precautions for
Handling Powder, pretty interesting reading, sorry it isn't more legible here
February 2nd Photo #14
As the sun sets on another day aboard Big J I roam the deck and
snap a few more pictures before heading back home to Virginia
February 2nd Photo #15
All the visitors are gone, the decks are quiet, time to go...
February 2nd Photo #16
The newly refinished ships bell is back in it's place on the bow.
It really looks great, glad to see it back where it belongs. Now if we
could only get the ships wheel back where it belongs, we'd be set!
February 2nd Photo #17
This is a 20-seat minibus donated by VFW Post 1616 of Williamstown and Laidlaw
Educational Services.  It is used to shuttle visitors from the parking lot to the ship


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Line Drawing of Big J

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