February 9th Photos Page

I made it two Saturdays in a row by making the trip again today.  For the most part today was a continuation of what we were working on last Saturday.  We again had a good turnout of volunteers and made a lot of progress on the items being polished for the new tour stops.  Once again most of my day was spent below decks in the Brass Shop polishing brass plates and handles.  By the end of the day we were just about finished the entire batch of items we had been working on the last two weeks.  Late in the day we ventured below to see some of the areas being painted and prepared as tour stops.  Down on Deck 3 there are a lot of areas masked off with paper in preparation for painting and on Broadway things are being cleaned up and made ready.  I'm glad we're able to move forward and open additional areas of the ship to the public, the engineering spaces and Broadway are in such great shape and after all, that's where most visitors want to go.  Anyway, that's about it for this trip, another productive day followed by a little exploring and picture taking.  Below are a few of the pictures from my wanderings.  I'd like to give a special acknowledgement to those shown in the first picture below, a few of my fellow Brass Team members.  These are dedicated individuals who I see onboard regularly and whose efforts as volunteers I applaud!  Like me, they have been bitten by the Big J bug and can't stay away, I'm proud to be associated with them all!


February 9th Photo #1
Members of the Brass Team take a few minutes
off to strike a pose, looking good gang!

February 9th Photo #2

 A shot of the Cruiser USS Olympia (C-6) anchored across the Delaware
 River at Penn's Landing.  She served as Commodore George Dewey's
flagship during the Battle of Manila Bay on May 1, 1898
February 9th Photo #3
A shot from the Fantail looking forward, lots of Teak missing back here.
February 9th Photo #4
Close-up shot of photo above
February 9th Photo #5
Right down the middle, hatch visible to the left leads 
down to ships store, snack bar and mess area.
February 9th Photo #6
A member of the Brass Team posing by Turret #1
February 9th Photo #7
Harpoon Missile Launcher in foreground and Tomahawk Missile Boxes behind
February 9th Photo #8
Docent talks to visitors on tour near ships compass, which by the way
 looks awesome thanks to the efforts of some dedicated volunteers!
February 9th Photo #9
Aft Main Battery Director, interesting place inside, just like the forward one 
February 9th Photo #10
Shot looking forward over mounts 52 & 54 toward the bow.  The
Benjamin Franklin Bridge to Philadelphia is visible in the distance.
February 9th Photo #11
Inside the ships Video Studio Control Room on O2
February 9th Photo #12
A shot from the Helicopter Tower looking aft over the top of Turret #3
February 9th Photo #13
Looking forward past Turret #1 & #2.  16-Inch Shell on dolly is the real thing.
February 9th Photo #14
Close-up of Phalanx System on the Port side aft
February 9th Photo #15
Shot from O8 looking forward, I love it up here, great view!
February 9th Photo #16
Shot from O11 looking aft, Old Glory waving proudly on the Fantail
February 9th Photo #17
Looking down on Fire Control from O11, note docent standing by on station
February 9th Photo #18
Shot of Fire Control on O5, talk about armor plating!
February 9th Photo #19
Shot down the Port side from the Fantail
February 9th Photo #20
Close up of flags flying on the mast including the POW-MIA flag, the state
 of New Jersey flag, U.S. flag and the Rear Admiral's Flag.  I have no idea what
the other pennants mean, any signalman out there that can give me a hand?

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