February 23rd Photos Page

Today was another volunteer day, but it was much different than any of my previous trips.  As usual I arrived about 8:45 and signed in, but when I went to the Brass Shop it was locked.  I eventually hooked up with another volunteer that had a key and we were about to get started to work when over the 1MC came a call for all volunteers to report to the First Class Lounge, so off we went.  Once there we were told by the volunteer coordinator that there was going to be a Boy Scout encampment onboard tonight and there were things that needed to be done in preparation for that event.  First, all hatches leading down to Deck 3 had to be closed, then other hatches would need to be closed to seal off the area of the encampment.  Next came the question if anyone had any computer skills.  I raised my hand and said I did.  That's where my volunteer day took an unusual turn, I was assigned to work in the onshore administrative offices issuing volunteer photo IDs, taking pictures, right up my alley!  So, off I went and spent the bulk of the day helping out in the administrative offices and using the computer system to take pictures and issue volunteer photo IDs, quite a change from my normal volunteer day.  It felt strange, I didn't even get my hands dirty, but I'm willing to do whatever they need me to do when I'm there.  If I get that assignment again maybe I can polish some brass and get my hands dirty in between issuing photo IDs, we'll see.  Anyway at 3:00 when the onshore offices closed I went onboard in the hopes of finding something to do for a couple of hours.  Many of the other volunteers had called it a day so the Brass Master and I did a little recon into some other new areas being prepared for the public.  Much of the Sick Bay area has just been freshly painted and we were making notes of brass items in those areas that will be next on our list of things to do.  Many of the items in those areas will have to be done in place because they are still wired live, that's likely to be the area where I'll be working on my next visit on March 9th.  I also heard a bit of good news from the volunteer coordinator who told us the Navy had sent representatives to tour the ship last week and they were extremely pleased with our progress so far.  It was great to hear that and I just wanted to mention it here, and say great job to all those who have worked so hard to make it all possible.  Enjoy the photos, not as many as usual because much of my day was spent onshore.


February 23rd Photo #1
Lounge off the Wardroom where videos of the ship can be viewed

February 23rd Photo #2

TV and Models of the ship in the Lounge
February 23rd Photo #3
More models and pictures of the ship in the Lounge
February 23rd Photo #4
Wall of Plaques and Awards just inside the Wardroom
February 23rd Photo #5
Pressing machines standing idle in the Ships Laundry
February 23rd Photo #6
An X-Ray Station in the newly painted area of Sick Bay
February 23rd Photo #7
An Autoclave stands ready in another area of the Sick Bay, looks brand new!
February 23rd Photo #8
Emergency Steering, this could be a look in stop on the below decks tour
February 23rd Photo #9
Photo showing progress on Aft Elevator and Stair Tower

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