March 9th Photos Page

Like my last day onboard I split my time between issuing photo IDs and polishing brass.  As usual I arrived at about 8:45 and went below to sign in.  There was already a good group of volunteers present and duty assignments were handed out.  For the first two hours of the day I worked in the Sick Bay, an area soon to be included in tours of the ship.  There is a lot of brass in that area and the passageways leading there, so that was our mission for the day.  At 11:00 I went ashore and spent three hours issuing IDs for volunteers and new members.  In between IDs I worked on polishing a brass switch plate, then at 2:00 I headed back to the Sick Bay, where I worked for the rest of the day.  We got a lot accomplished in the Sick Bay today, it was after 7:00 by the time I signed out and headed home, they got their money's worth out of me today!  I must admit though, there was a picture taking trip late in the afternoon which concluded with a climb down into the Powder Rooms for Turret #2.  Another volunteer and I went in search of something we read about on the Internet.  It's reported that 3 of the 4 Iowa Class Battleships (except Missouri) were modified to carry a small number of nuclear tipped 16-inch shells, and that these shells were stored in a special compartment in Turret #2.  We looked all around but were unsuccessful in finding what we were looking for, I'll have to do a little more research and try again next time.  If anyone can help me solve this mystery, please send me an e-mail, otherwise my search will continue next time aboard.  That about does it for the days events, as always below are some pictures taken today during my wanderings about.


March 9th Photo #1
Issued IDs to this group of Sea Cadets, they are part of the ships crew

March 9th Photo #2

Another shot of the Sea Cadets striking a pose in front of Big J
March 9th Photo #3
Passageway just outside the Sick Bay, this area is looking pretty good
March 9th Photo #4
Operating Room in Sick Bay, complete with x-rays on the wall viewer
March 9th Photo #5
View inside Sick Bay
March 9th Photo #6
These old hospital beds look a little like medieval torture devices
March 9th Photo #7
Passageway leading to Sick Bay, that's the Turret #2 Barbette on the right
March 9th Photo #8
Casualty Power Supply System Terminal and Handles outside Sick Bay
March 9th Photo #9
Control Panel outside Sick Bay for Flooding Wing Tanks 
sporting freshly polished brass plates and handles
March 9th Photo #10
Damage Control Station outside Sick Bay, Port Side near Turret #2
March 9th Photo #11
View from the Turret #2 third Shell Deck looking down at Powder Handling Deck.
Hatchway visible at left leads to powder hoist operators station for the Center
gun.  Turret #2 is the only one to have 3 Shell Decks, allowing it to store more
shells.  We didn't find what we were looking for down here, maybe next time.

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Line Drawing of Big J

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