March 16th Photos Page

Onboard again, two Saturdays in a row, there's so much to do I can't stay away!  As usual the Bass Team was well represented and we got to work quickly.  We picked up right where we left off last week in the Sick Bay area and the passageway leading to it.  Onboard today there was a group of volunteers from McGuire AFB and we had a bunch of them helping us polish brass, they did a good job, and with their help we made a lot of progress.  One more good day and we should be able to finish the Sick Bay, then it'll probably be on to Broadway.  As seen in many of the photos below the forward sections of Broadway look awesome, the painters are working aft and as they finish we'll move in and shine things up.  There are more pictures from today's visit than I usually put up, but the last eight are for a request made by a former crewman.  He served in the Print Shop in the 50s and wanted to see what that area looks like now.  Today I ventured down to Deck 3 along with another volunteer in search of the Print Shop.  When we finally found it there wasn't much to see except an empty compartment.  Hope you can recognize the old place Art, looks pretty sad today.  This was another long day, I'll be glad when the time changes next month and it stays light later, it'll make the trip back to Virginia a little easier.  Many of the photos below show the progress being made on the below decks spaces, especially Broadway.  Everyone is working hard to get those areas open for tours, and visitors, prepare to be dazzled, those areas are looking great!  The work being done to restore this ship amazes me every day I go onboard, my hats off to each and every person who contributes to making this effort such a success.


March 16th Photo #1
Nice Benches and Brick Pavers going into place, the pier is shaping up nicely

March 16th Photo #2

Crossover passageway leading to main Steering and beginning of Broadway
March 16th Photo #3
Close-up of panel on bulkhead, all freshly painted and detailed
March 16th Photo #4
View inside Emergency Steering and Damage Control
March 16th Photo #5
Shot down Broadway looking aft past Engine Room #1
March 16th Photo #6
Another angle down Broadway, all freshly painted and detailed
March 16th Photo #7
Close-up of Control Panels on bulkhead near Engine Room #1
March 16th Photo #8
Further aft on Broadway the painting and cleanup continues
March 16th Photo #9
Communications room off Broadway is a maze of terminated cables
March 16th Photo #10
Part of CPO's Mess used during encampments onboard
March 16th Photo #11
Frame 218, as far aft as you can go, the end of the line on Deck 2
March 16th Photo #12
Huge double winch and pulleys, not sure what they were used for
March 16th Photo #13
Another view of the winch
March 16th Photo #14
Port side Pilot House, O3
March 16th Photo #15
Inscription above the breech of the Center Gun in Turret #2
March 16th Photo #16
First of a series of 8 photos taken in and around the ships Print Shop
which is on Deck 3 Starboard side Aft, Frame 191.  They were requested
by a former crewman who worked in the Print Shop from 1953 - 1955 and
 wanted to see how that area looks today.  I'm afraid it's not a very pretty
sight Art, but here's what it looks like now, enjoy!
March 16th Photo #17
Passageway leading to Print Shop.  Step and hatch 
visible on left leads to Print Shop compartment
March 16th Photo #18
Hatch into Print Shop Compartment
March 16th Photo #19
Entire space is empty, only mounts remain from equipment that was here
March 16th Photo #20
Door Leading into Darkroom, which is empty also.
March 16th Photo #21
Control panels and floor mounts, that's all that's left in here.
March 16th Photo #22
Looking out of Print Shop Compartment not much to see here
March 16th Photo #23
Fellow volunteer standing in hatchway into Print Shop 

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