April 13th Photos Page

The trip this morning was uneventful and I arrived at the usual time ready to go to work.  On the walk towards the ship I took a quick look at the sailing ship Amistad which was tied up in the Marina.  She is a replica of a slave ship visiting Camden for a few days.  There is a picture of her below, I can't imagine talking an ocean trip on a ship like that though.  Once onboard the Battleship I went below, signed in, and made my way to the shop to get to work.  Not very many volunteers had arrived yet and I was resigned to working below decks on Broadway.  I know our next mission is to get Broadway and Engine Room #4 ready for tours by sometime in July, so I didn't figure there was much chance of working outside.  Within a very short time a number of volunteers arrived and the consensus was that we all wanted to work outside on the Port Flag Bag Rail.  Everyone knew we were supposed to be working on Broadway today, but it was just too nice of a day to be below decks.  To hear the Brass Meister tell it, the crew was ready to mutiny if he didn't allow us to work on the other rail, but at any rate he said OK and so today we cleaned and polished the remaining Flag Bag Rail.  Now they are both polished and looking good, and we all know that beginning next week we'll be living below decks on Broadway for the next several months getting it in shape.  Anyway, I had another great day onboard and now the Flag Bags are looking pretty sharp for all visitors to see, check them out up on O3 as you pass by on the tour.  It's nice to work above decks because you get to see and interact with visitors that are on the tours and today was no exception, we had a steady stream of visitors all day long.  I heard a couple of great old stories from a few former crewman and learned a few secrets about Big J in the process, all in a days work.  As usual what would a trip onboard be without taking some pictures, and so a selection of pictures from today's visit are below along with some of the newly shined Port Flag Bag Rail.  In view of the huge amount of work that lies ahead I feel compelled to once again sound the call for volunteers, come on down and spend the day working onboard, I guarantee you won't regret it.  For information on how you too can slave with the rest of the Brass Team on Broadway click on the You Can Help button at the top of any page on this site.  Hope to see you onboard soon!!


April 13th Photo #1
Slave Ship Amistad tied up in the Camden Marina near Big J

April 13th Photo #2

There is always a constant stream of small craft passing down the Port 
side to get a close up look of the ship, the tug above was no exception
April 13th Photo #3
A River Boat going down the Delaware passing by Big J
April 13th Photo #4
The Starboard Flag Bag Rail we did two weeks ago still looking good
April 13th Photo #5
The Port Flag Bag Rail we stripped and shined today, glad that job is done.
April 13th Photo #6
Command Console in the CIC (Combat Information Center) on Deck 4
April 13th Photo #7
Shot of some plotting and computing equipment in the CIC
April 13th Photo #8
Plot Board in the CIC, not to be confused with the
CEC (Combat Engagement Center) which is up on O2
April 13th Photo #9
Emergency Steering located at the forward end of Broadway on Deck 3
April 13th Photo #10
Control Console in the Emergency Steering compartment, many circuits are still hot!

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Line Drawing of Big J

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