April 27th Photos Page

Today I got off to a late start, just couldn't get out of bed and on the road this morning.  Once I arrived in Camden though I was ready to go, and it was off to Broadway for myself and a bunch of other volunteers.  Since my last trip onboard the push is now on to open one of the Engine Rooms (#4) and the entire length of Broadway for tours by sometime in July.  I'm here to tell you there's a lot of work to be done in order for that to happen, but we'll get it done one step at a time.  We had a good turnout today and made pretty good progress along Broadway, everywhere you look though there is something that needs to be shined or cleaned up.  The painters made the first pass down Broadway, now comes our turn to shine things up and remove excess paint and crud.  I really didn't do too much exploring today, but they did get a full days work out of me, that's for sure, it was almost dark when I finally headed back to Virginia.  As I said above didn't do too much exploring today, so there weren't very many photos taken either.  I did visit a few interesting below deck areas though and some photos from those spaces are below.


April 27th Photo #1
Hatch leading into 5" Magazine in Lower Handling Room off Broadway

April 27th Photo #2

Equipment on bulkhead in Lower Handling Room masked for painting
April 27th Photo #3
That's one good looking WTD, polished up by one of
 the Brass Team it leads to Sick Bay from Broadway
April 27th Photo #4
One of the recently painted and restored Examination Rooms in Sick Bay
April 27th Photo #5
Battle Lanterns in the Ceiling of the Operating Room
 as a backup light source, just in case the lights go out
April 27th Photo #6
Freshly cleaned and painted equipment on bulkhead outside Sick Bay
April 27th Photo #7
Central Control Area off Broadway, everything intact and in perfect shape
April 27th Photo #8
Shot inside the Oil Lab off Broadway, does anyone know what the
significance was of the clock painted on the wall frozen at 7:00?
April 27th Photo #9
One of the ships 4 Main Shafts passing through Aft Diesel compartment
April 27th Photo #10
Bearing and Support Structure for Shaft #1 as it passes through Aft Diesel
April 27th Photo #11
Shot of another shaft and bearing assembly in Aft Diesel
April 27th Photo #12
It was a long day onboard Big J today, but I
wouldn't have wanted to spend it anywhere else!!
April 27th Photo #13
The parting view from the shore as I prepared to climb onboard my 
trusty steed for the trip back to Virginia, but I'll be back again real soon!!

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Line Drawing of Big J

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