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Today's trip up was again uneventful, by now I think my car knows the trip better than I do.  Once again it was down to Broadway to continue our ongoing efforts to open up some below decks areas for tours in July.  The progress made since my last trip onboard though is evidence of how tough it's going to be doing the entire length of Broadway by July.  Many items to be polished or cleaned must be done in place and often that takes longer than if we could remove the item and work on it in the shop where we have various grinders and polishing wheels to help make the job easier.  We've been at it three weeks now on Broadway, and at the end of day today we pronounced the first forward compartment on Broadway complete and we'll be moving onto the next one down.  The first compartment was particularly time consuming because of all the controls for Engine Room #1 and it's associated Fireroom and Boilers, the next compartment has fewer gages and control boards though and should go quicker.  After all the work we've put into the beginning of Broadway, I neglected to capture any of it in photos, oh well, next time I'm onboard I'll let you see how things are looking down on Broadway.  Today's photo taking jaunt took me into the Radio Room and the ships Main Rudder Control section.  The Ships Radio Club has done a fabulous job of getting many of the ships communications systems up and running again.  The club also operates a Ham Radio station from onboard the ship and sponsors other events as well.  They also have their own website, to learn more about their efforts check it out at  That's it for this trip, hope to see you onboard one day soon.


May 18th Photo #1
Bank of Radio Equipment inside Radio Central located on the Main Deck

May 18th Photo #2

This is the Ship's "Coke Machine", located in Radio
Central it's the Pride and Joy of the Radio Club
May 18th Photo #3
Another shot of the "Coke Machine".  It looks so real that a Navy
inspector onboard recently insisted on looking inside to make
sure that it wasn't operational.  Great job by the Radio Club!!
May 18th Photo #4
Teletype equipment in Radio Central, looks ready for action!
May 18th Photo #5
Bank of Display Monitors in Radio Central
May 18th Photo #6
Look what I found!!  Tucked away in a compartment off the Main Deck on
the Port Side of the ship, it appears to be ships Searchlight.  If only it could
talk, I wonder what stories this huge eye could tell us from dark days gone by.
I think it's being refurbished to be included in the ships onboard museum display
May 18th Photo #7
Now this was an interesting place.  My first visit to Main Rudder Control,
this is the control assembly that operates the ships Starboard Rudder.
May 18th Photo #8
Close-up of the Starboard Rudder Shaft.  The Brass Pointer marks the
actual position of the Rudder (Left or Right) in degrees from 0 to 35.
May 18th Photo #9
A fellow volunteer checking out the Main Rudder Control Panel
May 18th Photo #10
Main Rudder Control Panel for both ships rudders.
May 18th Photo #11
They elevated the guns in Turret #1, I wonder why??
May 18th Photo #12
Photo of onboard display highlighting the 19 Battle Stars and other Ribbons
and Awards the ship has earned during her long and illustrious career
May 18th Photo #13
Another section of the Ships onboard museum display areas on the Main Deck.
May 18th Photo #14
One more closing shot of the ships onboard museum display spaces.

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