June 1st Photos Page

Today's trip to Camden was pretty uneventful, but as soon as I got near the waterfront I knew something was up.  It turns out there was an all day music concert scheduled at the nearby Tweeter Center and already people were arriving for the show, at 9:00 am!  The area where ships visitors usually park was closed and I was directed to a parking garage a couple of blocks away to park.  The first picture below was taken from the roof of that garage, the ship dominates the waterfront and marina area.  Once I got onboard and signed in I headed to the shop to find a pretty small turnout of volunteers.  As it turned out it was just myself and one other person from the brass team today, so we headed to Broadway and got to work.  I missed seeing the Brassmeister onboard today, this was the first time I've been onboard and he wasn't here, seemed a little strange, hope to see you next time buddy.  A fair amount of progress was made last week when I wasn't here and we should be able to finish this second compartment pretty quickly and move further aft.  Much of today for me was spent by myself down on Broadway polishing brass and talking to the occasional visitors who passed by on special tours.  I worked until about 4:00 and then started to clean things up and get ready to head home.  I felt a little guilty leaving early, and it didn't seem like I got a lot done, but doing things in place is time consuming and I could see progress when I left.  As promised after my last trip there are a few shots below of the first part of Broadway that we have finished.  Otherwise I didn't roam around too much except for a quick visit to Engine Room #4 to see how the painting efforts were going.  That's it for this visit, hope to see you onboard soon!


June 1st Photo #1
The view from on top of the parking garage where I had to park today.

June 1st Photo #2

First section of Broadway (looking forward), Ready for Inspection!
June 1st Photo #3
Main Control Panel about halfway down Broadway, looks pretty good doesn't it?
June 1st Photo #4
Control Panel and associated piping outside Fireroom #1.
June 1st Photo #5
Shaft #3 starts here, Engine #4 is on left, pretty tight space back here!
June 1st Photo #6
Control Panel in Engine Room #4, everything still in it's place.  This
area will soon be painted and then opened as part of the ships tour.
June 1st Photo #7
Garfield cartoon painted on the bulkhead in Engine Room #4.
June 1st Photo #8
More artwork found in one of the other Engine Rooms, not sure which one.
June 1st Photo #9
One of the new granite pieces erected on the ships pier. 
When complete there will be 19 of these in place, one for 
each Battle Star the ship earned while on active duty.
June 1st Photo #10
This tattered Union Jack flies from the Bow of Big J.

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Line Drawing of Big J

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