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I always seem to start these entries off about how uneventful the trip to Camden was, but today it was a horrible trip!  I felt like I drove through a monsoon on my way to the ship today, the rain was nonstop all the way, making the trip much slower than usual.  Once I arrived though the rains tapered off and the day turned out to be pretty nice.  Once again there was only one other person from the brass team onboard, but we went down to Broadway and got to work.  Last week the crew finished up the second compartment and today we worked in the third compartment.  This compartment is almost identical to the first compartment we did, it features the same control panels and associated piping we've seen before.  While working on Broadway a special tour group came through and stopped to tell some stories and have some video footage shot for the ships library.  Among the visitors were two former crewman, one is now the curator of the USS North Carolina.  Both men worked in the ships engineering sections during her last period of active duty.  It was great to hear their stories and share with them some of our experiences while restoring the ship.  Encounters with former crewman are always the best for me, I can't wait until September when former ships crewman will come aboard during their reunion, that will be a day to remember!  I worked until almost six tonight and so I didn't do a lot of roaming around before heading home.  Below are just a few pictures from a couple of places I visited today including the ships Machine Shop and Combat Engagement Center (CEC).


June 15th Photo #1
Part of the ships Machine Shop, this place is amazingly clean and intact.

June 15th Photo #2

Electrical Test Equipment in the Machine Shop.
June 15th Photo #3
The 1MC Control Room down on Deck 3, this area is
air conditioned and you don't see it open very often.
June 15th Photo #4
Sailor Art on 3rd Division Office door. looks pretty cool!
June 15th Photo #5
This chair was once used to transfer crewman from ship to ship 
while at sea, it is now displayed in the ships onboard museum area. 
June 15th Photo #6
Hatch leading into the CEC on O2.
June 15th Photo #7
View of Missile Launch Consoles in the CEC.
June 15th Photo #8
Another view of various consoles and displays inside the CEC.
June 15th Photo #9
Some vintage computer equipment in the ships CEC.

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