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I was onboard again today, worked hard all day and didn't get the chance to take very many pictures.  As a matter of fact I only took one picture all day, can you believe that?  I did get to meet an original plankholder though, took him down to see his former duty station in Engine Room #4.  He had some great stories to tell about his time onboard in the Pacific during WW II.  The lone picture of the day is of him, at the main console, in Engine Room #4.  Today we had a much better turnout of volunteers and made a lot of progress down on Broadway, it was also good to see the Brassmeister back onboard again.  We have pretty much finished up the third compartment and are moving into the fourth.  There are a total of eight compartments that make up the length of Broadway and we're getting close to being halfway done.  I plan to be onboard working again next Saturday, July 6th, come on down and help us get Broadway ready to be opened for tours in the near future.  Sorry for the lack of pictures from today's visit, I had too much work to do and stayed way too late to go exploring afterwards.  I did run into my buddy Tom Helvig onboard today though, I don't see him on Saturdays very often.  Tom is one of the ships Docents and has provided a lot of the pictures found on the Spotight Page.


June 29th Photo #1
Albert C. Graceffa, an Original Plankholder, back in Engine Room #4 again.
I really enjoyed meeting him, he had some terrific stories to tell about
his time onboard Big J. 

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Line Drawing of Big J

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