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Onboard two Saturdays in a row again, I wanted to make the trip today for several reasons including the opportunity to see 4th of July fireworks.  I arrived about 9:00 and went to work shortly thereafter down on Broadway.  We had a good turnout of volunteers onboard today and got a lot done.  I picked up pretty much where I had left off last week, doing the tedious job of cleaning paint from, and polishing, small brass fixtures in place along Broadway.  Well, it's finally July, the month that was set a long time ago as the target time to open Broadway and Engine Room #4 for tours.  There is still a lot of work remaining to be done both in the Engine Room and on Broadway, but we've made a lot of progress so far and the end is in sight, just four compartments down...  Since the fireworks display was scheduled for dusk, I stayed onboard until almost 7:30 getting as much done as I could in the extra time.  When I finished and cleaned up for the day I think I can say we are officially halfway done Broadway!  Afterwards I roamed around a little and was tempted to stay onboard and head up to O8 to watch the fireworks, but instead I went ashore at about 8:15 and joined my fellow volunteers on the pier for hot dogs and refreshments provided by the Home Port Alliance.  While on the pier I met the ships new Chief Operating Officer, Troy Collins.  I only had a brief chat with him, he was a very busy man that night, but he is someone I hope to work with in the near future to implement some much needed improvements to the Home Port Alliance's official site for the ship.  I also learned Jack Shaw was in the hospital, hope you're feeling better my friend.  I must admit I was a little disappointed that we couldn't be onboard to watch the fireworks and instead of staying to watch them from the pier, I headed for the parking lot and made my way back to Virginia.  Below are some pictures from today's visit which include some taken by request for a former crewman.  They are pictures of the 1st Division's berthing area on Deck 2 around Turret #1.  How does the old place look Tom?  Hope it looks familiar to you, not a very photogenic area, but I tried.  Anyway, that's it for today's visit, looks like my next visit won't be until July 27th.  Hope to see you onboard then, ready to roll up your sleeves and get dirty down on Broadway!


July 6th Photo #1
Today's photo taking tour starts far aft and way below the main
deck in "Shaft Alley".  Not a place for the claustrophobic to visit.

July 6th Photo #2

One of the ships 4 main shafts.  It delivered some 53,000 HP to
the propeller on the other side of the bulkhead you see above.
July 6th Photo #3
Another one of the shafts in "Shaft Alley"
July 6th Photo #4
Large Thrust Block assembly on shaft.
July 6th Photo #5
Entrance into 1st Division Berthing Area.  We are looking
 forward, the wall of Turret #2 is just out of sight to the left.
July 6th Photo #6
Through the hatch above looking aft back at Turret #2.
July 6th Photo #7
Continuing forward, the wall of Turret #1 is visible ahead.
July 6th Photo #8
Looped around Turret #1 looking aft, berthing spaces in dead end
area.  (Turret #1 wall would be to the left just out of the picture)
July 6th Photo #9
Phone and 1MC station in 1st Division Area.
July 6th Photo #10
Typical Berthing Area, I think this one was just 
outside the entrance to the Head shown below.
July 6th Photo #11
Entrance to the Head in the 1st Division Area
July 6th Photo #12
A shot inside the Head, lots of fond memories here I'm sure.
July 6th Photo #13
Leaving the 1st Division's Berthing area, I continued forward.  The bow of
the ship is very compartmentalized with vertical bulkheads that divide the
ship into zones.  Much of the bow area is designated for storage of all kinds
of things.  Many compartments are full of cabinets like this for storage. 
July 6th Photo #14
Area designated as the "Ships Computer Room", far forward on Deck 3.
July 6th Photo #15
The end of the line forward on Deck 2.  The area 
visible in the center of the picture is the ships bow.
July 6th Photo #16
The ships Commissioning Pendant and other items adorn the Wardroom walls.

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