July 27th Photos Page

I was onboard again on July 27th.  Below are a few photos from that days visit and a couple of bonus photos from the big National Grand Prix Race held in Washington D.C. on July 20th.  I took a Saturday off from volunteering and went to see that race, it was awesome.  My next day onboard will be a rare weekday, Wednesday, August 7th.  I'm going both to work, and participate in a Rap session being conducted that morning by the ships new COO.  As always, we're constantly looking for new volunteers, come on down and join us in our efforts to make the Battleship New Jersey into the best Naval Ship Museum, Bar None!  That's it for now, hope you enjoy the photos. 


July 27th Photo #1
Shot looking aft on Broadway.  We're now working in 
compartment 6, only two more to go!  The three brass
 plates on the left were part of my shining efforts today.

July 27th Photo #2

A Close-up of the winch that rolls up and down Broadway.
Broadway looks better and better every time I'm onboard!
July 27th Photo #3
A view inside one of the ships 8 Armored Tomahawk Missile Launchers.  
This box is located on the Port Side on the forward missile deck.
July 27th Photo #4
Shot looking off the Starboard side over Mount 53.  The area
where the Teak is darker in the lower right corner of this photo is
where one of the 5" mounts that were removed in 1981 once stood.
July 27th Photo #5
Harpoon Missile Tubes on the starboard side, forward of the aft Missile Deck.
July 27th Photo #6
Equipment in Engine Room #4 being masked for painting.
July 27th Photo #7
Another area in Engine Room #4 masked for painting. 
There is still a fair amount of work to be done down
here before this area can be opened up for tours.
July 27th Photo #8
One of the cars that participated in the National Grand Prix in DC.
July 27th Photo #9
Cars lined up in front of the grandstands prior to the start of the race. 
 Look, there's the Michelin man hanging out down there too!
July 27th Photo #10
Captain Robbie Kenivel made a jump before the race, what a wild man!

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