August 17th Photos Page

I was onboard on Wednesday, August 7th, Saturday, August 17th and again on Saturday August 31st, it's been a busy month!  I took lots of pictures on Saturday the 17th, many of which are posted below.  My next day onboard will be Friday, September 13th to work on Broadway and meet some of the ship's former crewman who will be holding their reunion onboard the ship.


August 17th Photo #1
New podium on the Quarterdeck to greet visitors was built and donated
by one of the ships many volunteers, great job Ted!

August 17th Photo #2

Think I've taken enough photos of these guns over the last 18 months?
August 17th Photo #3
Close-up shot of the ships newly refurbished bell back in it's place again.
August 17th Photo #4
Shot of the Aviation Shack on the fantail.
August 17th Photo #5
I visited O11 again today, love it up here on top of the world.  This 
is a shot looking aft at Stack #2 and the Aft Missile Deck
August 17th Photo #6
Closeup of the top of Stack #1 shot from O11 looking aft.
August 17th Photo #7
Looking aft down the Port Side from O11.
August 17th Photo #8
Looking forward from O11 down to Fire Control and open 
control area on O5.  The top of Turret #2 is also visible in this shot.
August 17th Photo #9
Shot of the Bow from O11.
August 17th Photo #10
The ships pier is almost complete, this is how it looks from O11.
August 17th Photo #11
A closeup shot of an SLQ-32(V) Combination Antenna Unit.  There are two
of these units up on O11 and they perform a combination of ECM and ECCM 
(Electronic Counter Measures and Electronic Counter-Counter Measures) duties.  
They provide a defense against anti-ship cruise missiles and their launch platforms
by sending out jamming signals and false images.   They are also integrated
with the Mark 36 Super Rapid Bloom Offboard Chaff (SRBOC) launchers.
August 17th Photo #12
From O11 there is one more level, up this ladder to Spot 1.
August 17th Photo #13
The view up into Spot 1 through the hatch seen above.
August 17th Photo #14
There are three seats up here, the center one is visible in the
photo above.  This shot is taken from the port side seat looking 
starboard.  Pretty cramped spaces up here and hot too!
August 17th Photo #15
This shot was taken from the seat visible in the above photo looking toward
the port side of the ship.  Like many other areas of the ship there are
optical periscopes up here, but I couldn't see anything through them.
August 17th Photo #16
Close-up of one of the ships 4 Phalanx Systems used for close in defense.
August 17th Photo #17
Climbed back down into the lower levels of Turrets #1 and #2 again today,
another place I never tire or visiting. This is a shot from the 3rd Shell Deck 
in Turret #2 looking down at the level where the powder hoists are loaded.
August 17th Photo #18
Another shot from the 3rd Shell Deck in Turret #2 
looking down on 2 Powder transfer chutes and an immersion tank.
August 17th Photo #19
Shot inside Turret #2 looking up at the 3rd Shell Deck.  The inside
of Turrets #1 and #3 are almost identical, but #2 is the only one
with three Shell Decks.  Note the scuppers visible in this photo which
were used to load shells up to the other two shell decks above.
August 17th Photo #20
Shot of Control Panels in the Damage Control Area down on Deck 3.
August 17th Photo #21
Another shot inside the Damage Control Area, everything still in its place down here.
August 17th Photo #22
Alarm Console in the Damage Control Area.
August 17th Photo #23
Shot of typical Fireroom Control Panel found along Broadway.
August 17th Photo #24
View from Deck 3 down to Aft Main Diesel 4 decks down.  I think
this is the deepest you can go below decks without climbing 
any vertical ladders, but these are some steep stairs!

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