September 13th Photos Page

I was onboard September 13th to work and also to be there for a reunion of the ships former crew.
Some photos from that visit are below.


September 13th Photo #1
Men on horseback with flags flying greeted the former crewman as
they approached the ship to begin their reunion activities onboard the ship.

September 13th Photo #2

The Knights of Columbus and a Detachment of Marines
lined the pier as the reunion visitors came onboard.
September 13th Photo #3
Another shot of the pier with the honor guard and band in position.
September 13th Photo #4
A shot from onboard down the pier
just before the guests started arriving
September 13th Photo #5
Honors being rendered as the former
crewmen arrive and walk down the pier.
September 13th Photo #6
A group of the ships current crew of volunteers lined the stairs to greet visitors.
September 13th Photo #7
Another view of the volunteers on the stairway.
September 13th Photo #8
Look at that bunch, standing tall and looking good, Great Job!
September 13th Photo #9
One more shot of the volunteers in position on the stairs.
September 13th Photo #10
Rear Admiral Seigenthaler, of the Home Port Alliance, greeted
everyone as they came onboard, he shook a lot of hands that day!
September 13th Photo #11
A shot of the fantail where the meeting and ceremonies were held onboard.
September 13th Photo #12
Frenchy Gervais, back in Mount #53 where he served as a
Gunners Mate during the ships 1st deployment to Korea in 1951.
September 13th Photo #13
During the reunion weekend a plaque was placed on Mount #56 to honor
the Marines that served in the ships MARDET.  The inscription reads: 

Dedicated to the memory of the Marines
of the Marine Detachments that served
aboard the USS New Jersey from 1942 - 1991
Semper Fidelis
Donated by the Marine Corps League Dept of NJ

September 13th Photo #14
One of the ships 8 Tomahawk Missile Boxes in firing position.
September 13th Photo #15
Ken Perrin, with a smile on his face, back at his old duty station in Fireroom #4.  
He served onboard Big J from 1950 - 1951 during her 1st deployment to Korea.
September 13th Photo #16
After a long day onboard a bunch of regular volunteers catch the "Shuttle" back to
the parking lot, once again, Great Job done by all the volunteers onboard that day!
September 13th Photo #17
One of the ships docents on the Quarterdeck.  She is a regular 
volunteer onboard Big J and told me I need to put up more photos
of the women who volunteer onboard, so I'm working on it.
September 13th Photo #18
Another of the regular volunteers striking a pose on the Quarterdeck.
September 13th Photo #19
This was a Great Idea!  Whoever came up with it deserves a raise!
It's a wall on the starboard side of the Turret #2 barbette on Deck 2.  All
former crewman who attended the reunion were allowed to sign it and include
their rate, duty station and time of service.  It was a big hit with the guys and now it
will remain forever as a historical record of a great day onboard Big J, September 13, 2002!
September 13th Photo #20
Another shot of the Wall of Signatures, awesome job!
September 13th Photo #21
This is a new information kiosk set up on the Mess Deck for visitors to use.
The following 8 photos were taken by a former crewman, Frank Carfioli, who attended the reunion.  Frank has contributed photos to this site in the past including some from the ships Grand Opening last October.  It was great meeting him and Tony Sala and I enjoyed taking both of them on a tour of some of the ships below deck spaces.
September 13th Photo #22
Jim Murphy (Korea), Tony Sala (Korea), standing at what was their station.  
September 13th Photo #23
Tony Sala (Korea) and Frank Carfioli (Korea) with
16" Shell and Powder Bag, port side of Turret #1.
September 13th Photo #24
Frank Carfioli (Korea) and Tony Sala (Korea) pointing to their location
in this Ship's Crew Picture, taken in February of 1952, in Norfolk, VA.
September 13th Photo #25
"God Bless America" beautifully sung by 8-year old Chelsea Musick.  
September 13th Photo #26
Frank Carfioli (Korea) reliving the time he was at the helm for one watch
only, but what a memorable moment aboard the USS New Jersey!
September 13th Photo #27
Betty Bowling, Lois Sala, Emily Carfioli, Frank Carfioli
and Tony Sala on the fantail near Turret #3.
September 13th Photo #28
Group on the Battleship USS New Jersey, with Philadelphia skyline.
September 13th Photo #29
Frank Carfioli (Korea), Emily Carfioli, Rich Thrash, (Volunteer and
Webmaster of this site) and Tony Sala (Korea) on the Quarterdeck.
The following two photos were taken at the reunion by, Cosmo Mirizio,
6th Division, who served onboard Big J during the Korean War.
September 13th Photo #30
Former crewman Cosmo Mirizio, D. Weaver,
G. Wallace and D. Little on deck.
September 13th Photo #31
Former crewman Joe Porambo, 6th Division
Officer Mr. Harmon, Cosmo Mirizio.

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