September 28th Photos Page

I was onboard again on September 28th working down on Broadway.  We're getting close to being finished down there, but I expect to continue working on Broadway for at least the next several visits.  Right now it appears that the next area to open to the public could be the ships Machine Shops and other areas on Deck 2.  This Saturday volunteers spent the day in those areas cleaning up equipment in preparation for adding those areas to the Tour Route.  Some photos from today's visit are below.


September 28th Photo #1
The GeeDunk (Snack Bar), located on Deck 2 aft of the Mess Areas.

September 28th Photo #2

Volunteer Cleaning up equipment in the Machine Shop.
September 28th Photo #3
Another volunteer cleaning up in the Machine Shop.
September 28th Photo #4
The Machine Shop spaces have just been given a fresh coat of paint and
could be the next area of the ship to be included on the Tour Route.
September 28th Photo #5
Much of the equipment in the Shops look brand new.  
These areas will make a nice addition to the Tour Route.
September 28th Photo #6
A group shot of a few of the ships regular volunteers.  I see them
onboard all the time, doing whatever needs to be done, great job guys!
September 28th Photo #7
Fellow Brass Team member working down on Broadway outside Engine Room #3.
September 28th Photo #8
Hey Romeo, this one and the next one are for you.  You wanted a photo
of the Damage Control Office, I'm pretty sure this is it, but it is currently
used as the ships Maintenance Office so it was locked and inaccessible
 when I was onboard on Saturday.  I'll try again next time I'm onboard.
September 28th Photo #9
This is the Damage Control Compartmentation Plates station forward 
and around the corner from the office shown in the above photo.
September 28th Photo #10
These next nine photos are for you Martin.  You asked for some photos
 of the spaces below the aft CiWS mounts to try and persuade Jerry to 
come visit the ship.  This first one is looking up the ladder to those 
spaces from outside the hatches leading to the Band Room and Gym.
September 28th Photo #11
Hatch at the top of the ladder in the above photo.
September 28th Photo #12
Inside the compartment at the top of the ladder shown above.
September 28th Photo #13
Inside another one of the spaces in that area.
September 28th Photo #14
Yet another compartment in the area under the aft CiWS mounts.
September 28th Photo #15
Another shot of the compartment in the photo above.
September 28th Photo #16
This compartment was directly under the Starboard CiWS mount.  It was pitch
dark in this area so I just pointed the camera and let the flash do the rest.
September 28th Photo #17
Shot looking up the ladder through the hatch at
the Port CiWS mount on the weather deck above.
September 28th Photo #18
Shot of the same CiWS mount seen in the photo above.  Hope the photos
made you want to come visit Big J Jerry, she's really looking great.

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Line Drawing of Big J

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