March 29th Photos Page

March has been very busy for me, I've been onboard three Saturdays this month!  As usual, most of my time onboard has been spent polishing brass, so I didn't take many photos on my earlier two visits this month (March 8th and 22nd).  Today however was a big day onboard, celebrating a visit from the 9/11 Memorial Flag, so I made sure to take plenty of photos for everyone to enjoy.  To learn more about the Memorial Flag, Click Here.  Today we also had a good turnout from the Brass Team.  For the first time in many months I worked somewhere other than Broadway.  We received a work request to do some shining up in the Captain's Cabin, so that's where we spent the day.  The photos below are of the 9/11 Memorial Flag's visit to the ship and also some of the Brass Team in action working in the Captain's Cabin.  Had a great day onboard today, hope you enjoy the photos.


March 29th Photo #1
A fireboat on the Delaware River welcoming the 9/11 Commemorative Flag.

March 29th Photo #2

Flag being delivered by Tom McBrien (left) and Councilman Frank Rizzo, Jr. (right).
March 29th Photo #3
Flag being carried by Fireman along pier to board USS New Jersey.
March 29th Photo #4
Members of the Eagle Fire Co, New Hope, PA preparing the Flag for display.
March 29th Photo #5
Jack Shaw of the HPA making opening remarks to the crowd gathered on the pier.
March 29th Photo #6
Krystal Gallaway sang God Bless America as the flag was unfurled.  Her
grandfather served on Big J during the Korean War, she did a great job!
March 29th Photo #7
The Flag's creator, Tom McBrien, speaks to the crowd gathered on the pier.
March 29th Photo #8
The 9/11 Commemorative Flag unfurled beneath Mount 53, it was huge!
March 29th Photo #9
Another shot of the Flag.
March 29th Photo #10
Visitors taking a close up look at the Flag.
March 29th Photo #11

"The Keepers of the Flag"  
Pictured (from left to right) are Daryl Jurbala, Vince Morgan, Craig Forbes,
Rev. Charles Flood (offered opening prayer), Tom McBrien (Flag's Creator),
Dave Hansen, Tim Lohan and Jim Cannon.  The six fireman are volunteers 
from the Eagle Fire Company in New Hope, PA.  Great Job Guys!

March 29th Photo #12
Some members of the Brass Team take a break from shining to strike a pose.
March 29th Photo #13
Making those portholes in the Captain's Cabin look ship shape!
March 29th Photo #14
Looks like we're having a good ole time shining brass, never a dull moment!
March 29th Photo #15
One of the porthole covers getting a much needed facelift.
March 29th Photo #16
A rookie we had onboard trying out for the Brass Team.  
He did a good job and we may be offering him a contract soon.
March 29th Photo #17
Frank calls this a City Job, one guy works while two others supervise!
March 29th Photo #18
Conference Table in the Captain's Cabin.
March 29th Photo #19
Shot of the Captain's Cabin looking towards door leading to the Weather Deck.
March 29th Photo #20
Another view of the Captain's Cabin looking out the Starboard side portholes.
March 29th Photo #21
One more shot.  I polished the 2 Brass Table Lamps, they cleaned up very nicely.
March 29th Photo #22
This is the last one, through the door is the Captain's Berthing Compartment.
March 29th Photo #23
A shot of the Captain's Bunk, not too shabby eh guys?
March 29th Photo #24
Then, right next door is the Admiral's Cabin, and this is his bunk!
March 29th Photo #25
This is a large, very detailed model of Big J in the Admiral's Cabin.
March 29th Photo #26
Hey Joe, this one is for you, the Power Panel of Engine Room #3, look familiar?
March 29th Photo #27
The clock on the wall in the Captain's Cabin says 1705,
time to head back home to Virginia!

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Line Drawing of Big J

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