April 12th Photos Page

I was onboard again today, spent most of my time in the Admiral's Cabin polishing brass.  Two visits in a row I haven't worked on Broadway, I've grown so attached to that place that I miss not working down there!  Our work down there has really made Broadway shine though, there were even some nice comments made by visitors from the Missouri who were onboard on Saturday about how good Broadway looked.  Makes the Brass Team proud!  Today the Battleship hosted an event onboard supporting our men and women in uniform throughout the world.  The event was sponsored by Sprint and the USO of Philadelphia and was called "Sending Smiles Overseas."  Families of the troops were invited onboard to have their photos taken by small cellular phone cameras.  The photos were then e-mailed to their loved ones overseas.  The ship is also serving as a drop off point for "Care Packages" to be sent to the troops.  As part of the event there was a display of vintage military equipment on the ships pier.  There was also a visit by Miss New Jersey and face painting for the kids.  As always I took some time off from polishing brass to snap a few photos for those of you who aren't able to visit the ship, hope you enjoy them.  Oh, and one more thing before I go, I'm sure I sound like a broken record because I say this all the time, but I encourage anyone who lives in the vicinity of the ship to come down and join the volunteer crew, you won't regret it, I promise!


April 12th Photo #1
Laundry Locker down on Deck 2 near the Galley.
Whites and Blues are OK Guys, but no Cooks Smocks allowed!

April 12th Photo #2

Military Affairs Office right off the Quarterdeck.
April 12th Photo #3
Vintage Staff Cars on the pier, part of WW II equipment display.
April 12th Photo #4
Military truck bristling with vintage weapons.
April 12th Photo #5
Another shot of the truck above.
April 12th Photo #6
Close-up of two machine guns, a lot of firepower, these guys were ready!
April 12th Photo #7
Some guys in WW II uniforms to go along with the equipment.
April 12th Photo #8
Standing on the pier it almost felt like I took a trip back to 1943
 with Mr. Peabody in the "Way Back Machine", pretty cool!
April 12th Photo #9
Some of the ships regular volunteers including my buddy Ron (far left)
He's an Ex Air Force guy and plays in a String Band, pretty cool dude!
April 12th Photo #10
A group of the ships Sea Cadets on the pier.
April 12th Photo #11
Miss New Jersey and her Marine escort arrive at an event on the Fantail.
April 12th Photo #12
A clown entertains children with face painting on the Fantail.
April 12th Photo #13
Getting some Dog Tags made in the Ships Store.  It's still in the same
place, down on Deck 2 right around the corner from the GeeDunk.

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