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Made the trip North again today, most of the drive was in the rain, but when I got close to the ship it stopped.  The Brass Team had a good turnout and we spent the day shining things up on the Main Deck along the Tour Routes.  I stuck to Portholes while others worked on Switch Plates and other brass items along the way.  At lunchtime I ventured down to #3 Engine Room to investigate something mentioned in a recent Ships Log Entry.  The first three photos below are for you Kevin, hope they answer your question.  After lunch it was back to shining Portholes, and the Ships Bell on the Quarterdeck too.  All in all it was a pretty gray day, raining off and on, but we still managed to get a lot accomplished.  Quitting time came about 1700 and it was time to head South to Virginia again.  That's about all for this trip, hope to see you onboard soon, come on down and shine a piece of history!  My next Saturday onboard should be May 24th, don't forget to fly the Flag this Memorial Day Weekend!


May 10th Photo #1
Engine Control Panel in #3 Engine Room

May 10th Photo #2

Inscription scrolled on the back of #3 Engine Room Panel pictured above.
May 10th Photo #3
The Last West Pac  89 - 90.
I found this inside a Locker Door in #3 Engine Room.  It's a list of all the guys,
by position, that were in #3 Engine Room for that cruise.  Sorry the photo isn't
as clear as I'd like, the positions are HMOW, Lower Level, Upper Level, Throttles,
SGTG1 and Shaft Alley.  I'm not sure what the last one is on the bottom.
May 10th Photo #4
After exploring #3 Engine Room I climbed up the ladder to Deck 2.
This is the hatch at the top of that ladder, note winch and overhead rail
used to lower things from the Machine Shops on Deck 2 down to Broadway.
May 10th Photo #5
This is the "HT" Shop (not sure what that means) 
but it's at the top of the ladder from #3 Engine Room
May 10th Photo #6
Some of the equipment in the "HT" Shop.
May 10th Photo #7
Another piece of equipment in the Shop, everything looks so well restored!
May 10th Photo #8
One more shot inside the Shop, hatch visible on the
right leads into the main Machine Shop compartments.
May 10th Photo #9
This is the crossover passageway outside the HT
Shop, ladder down to #3 Engine Room is visible.
May 10th Photo #10
While polishing Portholes on the Starboard side I heard the Quarterdeck 
Bell ring, the 1MC crackled, Medal of Honor arriving...  I turned and shortly
thereafter along came this Marine Medal of Honor winner.  I shook his hand,
but didn't get his name.  He was onboard for a USMC event hosted on the Fantail.
May 10th Photo #11
A unique shot of members of the Ships Radio Club working in the Radio Room.
May 10th Photo #12
In addition to shining Portholes all day, I also
put a shine on the Ships Bell on the Quarterdeck.
May 10th Photo #13
Photo of a catered party going on outside the Captain's Cabin on O1.
May 10th Photo #14
Every Saturday evening as I'm leaving after a long day onboard I see
groups like this one, arriving at the ship for an overnight encampment.
I'm glad to see that so many groups want to come and spend a night
on ole Big J, it's an experience I'm sure they'll remember for a long time!
May 10th Photo #15
Overnight campers streaming onto the ship to start their adventure.

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Line Drawing of Big J

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