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Today was yet another rainy Saturday, seems like forever since we've had a nice weekend.  My trip up was uneventful, interrupted only by the occasional overhead sign board along Route 95 that reminded me of a heightened Security Alert and to Report Suspicious Activities.  When I arrived I discovered that volunteers must now park in the structured parking garage across from the Marina, making the walk to the ship about twice as long as usual.  Anyway, I reported onboard about 9:30 and along with some other volunteers continued the efforts to clean up exposed brass along the tour routes on the weather decks.  I spent most of my day removing, polishing and replacing 4 portholes that are in the Wardroom, they looked great when we were done with them!  I also spent part of my day inside turret #3 working with Marty, another one of the ships volunteers.  We needed to remove a steel access plate from the deck to retrieve a part that had fallen into an inaccessible area.  There sure are a lot of bolts in those plates, but with the help of an electric screwdriver, we managed to remove the plate and retrieve the lost part.  All in all the day was a pretty busy one and I didn't take very many photos.  I've included 4 below, one of Marty inside Turret #3, one of the Radio Club having lunch on the Mess Deck, and two more from inside lockers in Engine Room #3.  That's about it for now, hoping for some nicer weather for my next visit which will be June 14th.


May 24th Photo #1
Marty inside turret #3.  He is a regular star onboard featured in a video
about the ships guns that plays in the Ward Room and also starring in a 
 segment of the History Channels show "Mail Call" about Battleship Guns.  
He's a great guy, and knows his stuff when it comes to the 16-inchers!

May 24th Photo #2

Members of the ships Amateur Radio Club break for lunch on the Mess Deck.
The club has done a great job restoring many of the ships communication
 systems and they always seem to have a great turnout on Saturdays!
May 24th Photo #3
One more shot of the "Last West Pac 89 - 90" Engine Room #3 roster found
inside a locker in Engine Room #3.  Maybe a little clearer than last weeks photo.
May 24th Photo #4
Inside the same locker I found a similar roster for the last bunch of guys
 who served in Engine Room #3 before the ships decommissioning in 1969.
It's amazing how many things like this can be found throughout the ship, it's
history you can touch, and shows the strong bond the crew had for the ship.

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