June 14th Photos Page

Today was Flag Day and the sun was actually out for most of the day, imagine that!  We had a good turnout of volunteers for the day and continued our efforts to clean up the brass on the weather decks along the tour routes.  That meant more portholes and switch plates and other items to polish.  Every Saturday when I leave I can see the difference we've made, each week we make a little more progress and each week we leave her looking just a little bit better than when we arrived.  I didn't spend much time roaming around taking photos today, but we did get a lot accomplished.  The photos below are mostly of the regular Saturday gang in action, doing the things they do best.  That's about it for this trip, hope you enjoy the photos.


June 14th Photo #1
Look at this, photographic evidence of Frank working, unbelievable!

June 14th Photo #2

Another long distance volunteer, she drives from NYC to come shine brass!
June 14th Photo #3
More shining going on down on Deck 2, we'll never run out of stuff to polish!
June 14th Photo #4
There he is again, working that paint brush!
June 14th Photo #5
Shot inside the 1MC room, a well air conditioned space to cool off below decks
June 14th Photo #6
Signatures of former crewman who have been onboard recently
June 14th Photo #7
If it's 1700 hours, it must be encampment arrival time, here they come!
June 14th Photo #8
A group of overnight campers arriving onboard Big J
June 14th Photo #9
Every Saturday night as I'm leaving the ship, hundreds of 
campers are arriving for their overnight stay onboard Big J
June 14th Photo #10
Freshly painted ladder and polished porthole, Starboard side just aft of Wardroom
June 14th Photo #11
More freshly polished portholes, Starboard side at the Wardroom
June 14th Photo #12
Today was Flag Day, and Old Glory waived 
proudly from this sailing ship across the river 
June 14th Photo #13
Close up view of the ships Bridge and upper superstructure
June 14th Photo #14
One of our new shuttle bus drivers that takes visitors
from the parking garage to the ship. they do a great job!
June 14th Photo #15
Shot of the ship from the top of the parking garage

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Line Drawing of Big J

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