June 21st Photos Page

Onboard two weeks in a row, and once again it was a cloudy, dreary day.  Today, a bunch of the gang went to work inside Turret #2 stripping off paper and cleaning up.  The inside of the Turret has been freshly painted and now the task of cleaning up over spray and touching up begins.  There is also a ton of brass in there to polish, we've got our work cut out for a while there.  Soon visitors will be allowed to get a look inside Turret #2 so for now we'll be doing our best to make it look presentable!  Even though it was a cloudy day that didn't stop people from coming down to the pier for a wine tasting and tour of the ship.  All day long there was a steady stream of visitors onboard, and a nice selection of live music from the pier to shine by.  I worked on items on the weather deck again today and by the end of the day had finished almost the entire Starboard side (FYI there are 24 portholes on the Starboard side).  The photos below show the gang working in Turret #2, a few shots in Engine Room #1, a few shots of docents in action and also a couple others of the pier and wine tasting activities.  The last few photos are of my parents, and an Uncle and Aunt who came to visit the ship on June 29th.  I didn't get much work done that day, but enjoyed playing Docent for the day and taking some family members on a ships tour.  That's about it for this trip, hope you enjoy the photos.


June 21st Photo #1
Oh no, working two weeks in a row, there goes the reputation!

June 21st Photo #2

Smile, you're on Candid Camera!
June 21st Photo #3
Cleanup work inside the freshly painted Turret #2.
June 21st Photo #4
Shot of the optical rangefinder inside Turret #2.
June 21st Photo #5
Main Engine Control Panel inside Engine Room #1.
June 21st Photo #6
Area across from the photo above in Engine Room #1.
June 21st Photo #7
Trio that played on the pier and provided me with music while I shined brass.
June 21st Photo #8
Shot of tents set up on the pier for the wine tasting, 
despite the weather there was a great turnout for this event.
June 21st Photo #9
One of the ships Docents with a tour group on the Forecastle.
June 21st Photo #10
One of the weekend regulars on station at Turret #1, striking a pose!
Watch out ladies, don't let that serious look fool you, he's a wild man!
June 21st Photo #11
My Uncle (left) and Dad (right), both Tin Can Sailors onboard to check out Big J.
June 21st Photo #12
Dad in the hot seat in CEC, wonder who he's chatting with on the Red Phone?
June 21st Photo #13
A family shot by the Flags on the Quarterdeck. 

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Line Drawing of Big J

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