July 5th Photos Page

Onboard four weeks in a row now, I think I could make the drive from Virginia in my sleep!  Today was a scorcher, no rain to worry about, just trying to stay cool was a chore!  For some reason or another there weren't very many volunteers onboard today, I guess everyone had big plans for the 4th of July Weekend.  I again spent the day working on the weather deck, polishing brass, mostly on the Port side where a slight breeze could be found.  The ship was alive with activity all day long getting ready for a big fundraising event held onboard.  The ship hosted more than 200 people who were treated to cocktails, dinner, music and the Two Cities/Two States fireworks display over the Delaware River.  Tickets for the event started at $250 for individuals, the event raised more than $100,000 for the Battleship New Jersey Memorial and Museum. I was a little disappointed though that for the second year in a row volunteers weren't allowed to be onboard for the 4th of July festivities, while those who paid $250 or more a seat were given the royal treatment.  In my opinion every volunteer the ship has is worth more than $250 and what the HPA did amounted to another slap in the face of the volunteers, but that's just one man's opinion.  I'm sure if I had wanted to stay onboard for the festivities I could have, but instead I headed back to Virginia about 5:00.  The first few photos below are of a bunch of special forces types out on the river playing with their toys, some pretty nice toys too, if I must say so myself!  That's it for this trip, hope to see you onboard some Saturday real soon.


July 5th Photo #1

These guys were having a blast putting these boats through their paces.
July 5th Photo #2
They were inflatable and armed with a machine gun in the bow 
July 5th Photo #3
Very fast and maneuverable, wish I was out there for a ride!
July 5th Photo #4
A larger River Patrol type boat
July 5th Photo #5
The flat ramp on the back of the Patrol Boats is
 where the smaller inflatable boats are launched from
July 5th Photo #6
Shot inside the Ships Maintenance Office on the Main Deck
July 5th Photo #7
Another photo looking the other way inside the Maintenance Office
July 5th Photo #8
Large Gyrocompass in a compartment across Broadway from Aft Main Plot
July 5th Photo #9
Control panel located in the same compartment as the Gyrocompass
July 5th Photo #10
Part of a Battleship Development exhibit onboard sponsored by Lockheed Martin
July 5th Photo #11
More of the Battleship Development exhibit
July 5th Photo #12
Old Glory waving on the Fantail on 4th of July weekend!
July 5th Photo #13
Tables setup on the Fantail for the Battleship Blast Fundraiser.
July 5th Photo #14
A singing group rehearses on the Forecastle for the Battleship Blast festivities 
July 5th Photo #15
A dance group practices on the ships pier getting ready for their performance
July 5th Photo #16
A shot of the Battleship New Jersey Band on the pier (taken previously)

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