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Today was another volunteer Saturday onboard for me, spent polishing brass on the Main Deck.  There were several special events onboard today, including a two-day National Museum Ships Communications Event and a wedding ceremony outside the Admiral's Cabin.  It was another scorching day on the Delaware River, but there was a good turnout of volunteers and as usual, lots to do.  The main focus of our efforts continues to be polishing and protecting brass on the Weather Decks.  Exposed brass takes a beating from the elements and it's a constant struggle to keep those items looking good.  There seemed to be a lot of visitors coming through today, perhaps it was because of the Radio Clubs Annual National Museum Ships Communication Event.  

The Battleship New Jersey, along with 81 other museum ships around the globe participated in this event, which ran all day Saturday and Sunday.  To prepare for the event, members of the Amateur Radio Club of the Battleship New Jersey (comprised of clubs from across South Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania) set up ham radios in the ships Radio Room to allow touring guests to listen in and participate by communicating with crewmembers and guests onboard the other participating vessels.  This year the event was sponsored by the USS Cassin Young, a Navy Destroyer based in Boston, MA.  Several local news stations were onboard to cover the event, and there was a constant flow of visitors through the Radio Room all day long.  In addition to the ham radios, the ships genuine Navy transmitters were also used to make contacts during this event.  I don't know how many ships were contacted during the event, but for more information on the event and the Radio Club check out their website at http://www.qsl.net/bb62/.  That's about it for this visit, my next Saturday onboard should be August 2nd, hope to see you then.  As usual there are some photos below from today's visit. 


July 19th Photo #1
The view as you approach the pier upon arrival, She looks Awesome!

July 19th Photo #2

Docents at the ready as I arrived, standing by for the days tours!
July 19th Photo #3
The entrance to the Ships Chapel, on Deck 2 off the Mess Area.
July 19th Photo #4
A shot inside the Chapel, a very small space, and empty except this altar.
July 19th Photo #5
Radio Club members participating in the Museum Ship Radio Event
July 19th Photo #6
Another shot of the radio setup for the special event.
July 19th Photo #7
OK, one more shot of the guys manning the radios.
July 19th Photo #8
A small riverboat, the Captain Lucky, coming alongside for a look at Big J.
July 19th Photo #9
Main Engine #4, believe it or not isn't found in Engine Room #4, go figure...
July 19th Photo #10
#4 Shaft, there is a "Total Revolutions" counter visible, it reads 942,193.
July 19th Photo #11
Control Panel for #4 Engine.
July 19th Photo #12
Another shot of the Control Panel, looks like new!
July 19th Photo #13
Electrical Control Panel inside the same Engine Room.
July 19th Photo #14
After I posted a photo of this guy a couple of weeks ago I received a few
e-mails asking to see more photos of him, so here he is, back for an encore
performance, take a bow Stephen, and keep up the good work Sailor!

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Line Drawing of Big J

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