August 2nd Photos Page

Onboard again polishing brass today.  Some of the crew worked in Turret #1 and did a great job of getting that area ready for visitors.  It has been freshly painted inside and with the brass polished up it looks great in there as you will see from the photos below.  Today I worked on cleaning and lacquering portholes on the port side.  I recently purchased a new product to use to protect the brass once we polish it, and today was it's first test.  It's called Incralac and it is specially formulated to protect brass and copper in a marine environment, we'll see how it does.    Today we applied it to twelve portholes on the port side, we'll see how it holds up over time.  In my next several visits I'll be applying the lacquer to the remainder of the main deck portholes to help keep them shining and cut down on the time between cleaning them up.  At lunchtime I ventured down to Broadway for photos of all four engines, a request from a former crewman.  While taking them I realized that the Engines and the Engine Rooms they were in didn't always match, an explanation of why is below.  That was about it for today's visit, hope to see you onboard sometime soon, we can always use some extra help.  As always a few photos from this visit are below, hope you enjoy them.


August 2nd Photo #1
Members of the Brass Team in action in Turret #1.

August 2nd Photo #2

The view as you enter Turret #1 from the Main Deck, looks great in here!
August 2nd Photo #3
A look to the left as you come up the steps, we're looking at the Gun
Room and Powder Hoist operator hatches for "Pete", the left gun in the turret.
August 2nd Photo #4
Grim Reaper Sailor art on bulkhead inside Turret #1.
August 2nd Photo #5
A look to the right at the top of the steps. 
August 2nd Photo #6
Visitors are allowed to enter Turret #1 and look into the gun rooms, note
the periscope in this shot, one of two inside each Turret used to see outside.
August 2nd Photo #7
Looking across the inside of the Turret.  Turret #1 is much roomier inside,
it doesn't have the large optical rangefinder found in the other two Turrets. 
August 2nd Photo #8
Close-up of the Grim Reaper and his message: 
"Democracy At Any Cost - Those Who Oppose Will Meet Me"
August 2nd Photo #9
Engine #1, found in Engine Room #1, simple enough, right?  Stay with me.
August 2nd Photo #10
Another shot of Engine #1, there are four of these monsters, 
together they produced a total of 212,000 horsepower!!!
August 2nd Photo #11
Engine #2, found in Engine Room #3, are you still with me?
August 2nd Photo #12
Engine #3, found in Engine Room #4, confused yet?
August 2nd Photo #13
Finally, Engine #4, found in Engine Room #2, makes sense right?
August 2nd Photo #14
Another shot of Engine #4.  

Now, here's an attempt at an explanation of why the engine numbers don't
correspond with the Engine Rooms they are in.  Engine Room #1 (Engine #1)
is the furthest forward on Broadway (starboard side of Broadway), it's engine
powers the outboard shaft on the starboard side.  Engine Room #2 (Engine #4)
is next in line going aft (port side of Broadway), it's engine powers the outboard
shaft on the port side.  Engine Room #3 (Engine #2) is next (starboard side of
Broadway), it's engine powers the inboard shaft on the starboard side.  Finally,
Engine Room #4 (Engine #3) is at the aft end of Broadway (port side of Broadway),
it's engine powers the inboard shaft on the port side.  Hope this makes sense, the
shafts are numbered 1 - 4 from starboard to port and their numbers correspond
to the engines that power them.  Engine Rooms are numbered 1 - 4 in the
 order they appear along Broadway as you move aft.  That's why the numbers
of the engines don't match the number of the engine room they are in.

August 2nd Photo #15
What was once the Petty Officer First Class Association lounge,
 is now used as the Volunteer Lounge, hatch visible on the right
 leads to berthing areas on Deck 3 used for overnight encampments.
August 2nd Photo #16
Freshly lacquered Portholes on the Port side outside the Ward Room.
August 2nd Photo #17
Real 16-inch Shells, Powder Bag and Cradle outside Turret #1 on Main Deck.
August 2nd Photo #18
Centerline View of Bridge and superstructure.
August 2nd Photo #19
Firepower For Freedom!
August 2nd Photo #20
Ships Bell on base of Bow Antenna.
August 2nd Photo #21
"Don't Tread On Me" flag waving on the Bow!
August 2nd Photo #22
Volunteers on the pier ready to escort visitors onboard.
August 2nd Photo #23
Volunteers in the ships Radio Room.

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