August 9th Photos Page

Made the trip to New Jersey again today for another day of polishing brass onboard Big J.  I spent the entire day inside Turret #1 finishing up polishing brass and cleaning up in there.  Today we worked inside the Gun Rooms detailing the areas that visitors see through portholes inside the Turret.  There were only four of us onboard today, but we put the finishing touches on Turret #1 and it looks great inside!  Other areas visited today include the Ships Bakery, Ships Library and the also the Sail Locker.  That's about it for today's visit, the majority of the photos below show the results of a hard days work inside Turret #1.  The rest are of areas of the ship I have rarely visited in the past.  Hope to see you onboard soon!


August 9th Photo #4
The view as you enter Turret #1 from the Main Deck.

August 9th Photo #5

Powder Bag on the Deck at the top of the steps.
August 9th Photo #6
Looking across the inside of Turret #1, standing on the starboard side.
August 9th Photo #7
Looking along the bulkhead behind the Gun Rooms.  Visible in this photo are two
of the rammers used to push the 16-inch shells into the breech of the big guns
August 9th Photo #8
This is a shot inside the middle Gun Room, the breech of this gun, "Repeat" is open.
The red seat is where the gunner would sit and activate the Ram to load the gun.
August 9th Photo #9
Open breach of the middle gun, note powder hoist door open on left.
August 9th Photo #10
This is a shot inside the starboard Gun Room, where I spent my time
today.  The breech of this gun, "Ditto", is closed.  The blue seat is where
the gunner would sit and operate the ram to load the gun.  Lots of stuff 
to shine up in here, but it looked great at the end of the day!
August 9th Photo #11
Sailor Art on ram in the starboard Gun Room that pushes shells into the gun's breech.
August 9th Photo #12
Brass Team volunteer working in middle Gun Room.
August 9th Photo #13
Brass Team volunteer working in port gun room, 
this gun is called "Pete" and it's breech is also closed.
August 9th Photo #14
Another member of the Brass Team who helped polish brass inside Turret #1 today.
August 9th Photo #1
Entrance to the Ships Library, on Deck 2 near the GeeDunk.
August 9th Photo #3
Another one of the Saturday regulars who opens and mans the Ships
Library.  Good to see him back onboard after a recent bout with pneumonia!
August 9th Photo #2
Another view inside the Ships Library, lots of interesting books in here!
August 9th Photo #15
Ships Bakery, still smells like Bread in this area of the ship.
August 9th Photo #16
Equipment still at the ready in the Bakery.
August 9th Photo #17
Ships Sail Locker, also down on Deck 2 across from the Machine Shops.
August 9th Photo #18
View inside the Ships Sail Locker.
August 9th Photo #19
One more shot inside the Sail Locker, this area is still
used to make awnings and other items for the ship.
August 9th Photo #20
Recently donated model of the ship on Deck 2 near the GeeDunk.

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