September 6th Photos Page

Onboard on August 23rd and again on September 6th, some photos from those workdays are below.  On both days I worked on more portholes on the main deck, I should finally be finished with all 48 of them on my next visit, as long as the weather cooperates.  Other members of the Brass Team spent the day shining brass in the handling room below Mount 56.  Not much else exciting to report from these two days onboard, just a lot of dirty work, and long trips back to Virginia afterwards.  I'm used to both the dirt and the long rides, and can't wait to make the trip again.  Anyone out there interested in getting their hands dirty and putting in a good days work onboard, come on down, you won't be disappointed!


September 6th Photo #1
One of the friendly shuttle bus drivers who gives visitors a ride from the parking garage.

September 6th Photo #2

The view from the pier, what a sight to greet me each and every day I visit!
September 6th Photo #3
Boilers in Fireroom #4, there are 8 of these boilers onboard, two in each fireroom.
September 6th Photo #4
Another shot of Fireroom #4.
September 6th Photo #5
Sample Bottles at the ready in the Fireroom, no idea what they were for.
September 6th Photo #6
A tugboat going upriver pass Big J.
September 6th Photo #7
The view forward from O11, I love it up here!
September 6th Photo #8
Looking aft from O11 at Tomahawk Missile boxes on the Missile Decks.
September 6th Photo #9
Closeup of Phalanx system on the Port side, aft.
September 6th Photo #10
Mount 56, formerly operated by the ships MARDET unit during Battle Stations.
September 6th Photo #11
Powder Hoist brings powder up from magazines down on Deck 3.
September 6th Photo #12
Powder hoists that send powder up to the guns in Mount 56.
September 6th Photo #13
Practice Shells and Powder Canisters in rack below Mount 56.
September 6th Photo #14
Shells are delivered via hoist from the magazine down on Deck 3.
September 6th Photo #15
Some of the Brass Team's handiwork, this area looked great at the end of the day!
September 6th Photo #16
Starboard side entrance to the Wardroom (looking toward
 the Quarterdeck) and some freshly lacquered portholes.
September 6th Photo #17
Ship's new Military Affairs Office and Officer.
September 6th Photo #18
Executive Officer's Cabin, on the Main Deck right off the Wardroom.
September 6th Photo #19
Executive Officer's Office, the gray door on the left 
leads to his cabin, shown in the previous photo.
September 6th Photo #20
A Bow Shot of the ship provided by another volunteer.  I would love
to have access to a boat to be able to get some more photos of the 
ship from the river side, any volunteers??  If so please send me an e-mail!
September 6th Photo #21
Some of the ships personnel on the fantail (photo provided by BM1)
September 6th Photo #22
BM1 in the Sail Locker with another volunteer.

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