September 27th Photos Page

Onboard again today, spent the entire day working in Turret #2 because the weather wasn't conducive to lacquering portholes.  One of these days I'll be able to report that all 48 on the main deck have been polished and lacquered, hopefully on my next visit, which is scheduled to be October 11th.  I guess after they saw the job we did in Turret #1 it was logical to expect that doing the same in the other two Turrets wasn't far behind.  Turret #2 is much different inside because it contains a large optical rangefinder.  It is much more cramped inside but the basic layout is the same.  Below are photos of our work inside Turret #2, and if I must say so myself, it looks pretty darn good in there after a few Saturdays in the care of the Brass Team.  Enjoy today's photos and I hope to see you onboard soon!


September 27th Photo #1
Volunteer shinning a seat from the Turret #2 Range Finder down in the Brass Shop.

September 27th Photo #2

A new member of the Team working on the Range Finder in Turret #2.
September 27th Photo #3
View of the Range Finder looking from Starboard to Port inside Turret #2.
September 27th Photo #4
Another shot of the Range Finder, it takes up a lot of room inside Turret #2.
September 27th Photo #5
The gang did a great job of cleaning up and polishing components of the Range Finder! 
September 27th Photo #6
Looking at the porthole and hatch leading into the Port Gun Room of Turret #2.
September 27th Photo #7
This is the Port Gun in Turret #2, displayed with it's breech closed and ready to fire.
September 27th Photo #8
This is a view inside the Center Gun Room of Turret #2.  This area
was polished by a pair of volunteers last Saturday, great job ladies!
September 27th Photo #9
Another view inside the Center Gun Room of Turret #2.
September 27th Photo #10
This is the Center Gun, displayed with it's breech 
open, ready to be loaded with a shell and powder.
September 27th Photo #11
Closeup of the open breech of the Center Gun.
September 27th Photo #12
One more shot of the Center Gun.
September 27th Photo #13
Equipment on the lower level of Fireroom #4.
September 27th Photo #14
Shot of a helicopter recently delivered to the ship.  It will be restored
and put on display with the ship.  I believe it's a Seasprite helicopter,
similar to those that the ship carried during her last period of service.
September 27th Photo #15
Another photo of the helicopter, not much brass to shine on this puppy.
September 27th Photo #16
Last shot of the chopper, I can't wait to see what it looks like after it's restored!

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