October 18th Photos Page

Onboard again today, two Saturdays in a row.  The weather did indeed cooperate today and I'm happy to report that all 48 main deck portholes have now been polished and lacquered!  That's been a goal of mine all Summer long and I worked on them whenever the weather was favorable.  Today I finished the last 9, glad they are all done!  Next we move up a deck and start doing the ones on O1.  Only about half as many on that level, should be a piece of cake!  As the weather starts to get cold though I imagine we'll be working less and less outdoors, but there is still plenty to do below decks!  With the inside of Turrets #1 and #2 polished up and ready for inspection, today we started working inside Turret #3, working our magic shining and detailing the Gun Rooms, Range Finder and other areas.  Following the work day onboard, myself and several other volunteers went across the river to Penn's landing where I took a bunch of photos of the ships there, which include the USS Olympia, USS Becuna, and a sailing ship that is open as a restaurant.  Some photos from today's visit and my trip to Penn's Landing are below.  My next day onboard should be November 1st, come on down and join us, new volunteers are always welcome! 


October 18th Photo #1
When I arrived there were a bunch of Pontiac GTO's lined up on the pier.
I'm not sure what the occasion was, but these two beauties caught my eye.

October 18th Photo #2

A group of Sea Cadets striking a pose on the pier.
October 18th Photo #3
Starboard Windlass Motor on Deck #1.  These wheels are directly below
 the wheels we polished on the Forecastle last Saturday.  The open hatch
visible in the foreground leads down to the Sail Loft.  The rumor is that
this area may soon be opened to visitors, looks like the Brass Team
could be working down here in the near future!
October 18th Photo #4
Close-up of Control Panel above Port Windlass Motor.
October 18th Photo #5
Shot of the Range Finder inside Turret #3 and Sailor Art on the Water Tank.
October 18th Photo #6
Shot of Targeting Computer Screen inside Turret #3.
October 18th Photo #7
Sailor Art next to Rammers Seat in Center Gun Room
of Turret #3, anyone know her name??
October 18th Photo #8
Group of visitors exchanging stories on main deck next to Turret #3.
October 18th Photo #9
A shot of Big J from Penn's Landing, she sure looks different from here!
October 18th Photo #10
Sailing ship serving as a restaurant at Penn's Landing.
October 18th Photo #11
The cruiser USS Olympia (C-6), served as Admiral Dewey's Flagship during
the Battle of Manila Bay on May 1, 1898.  She is open to the public daily
along with the submarine USS Becuna (SS-319), a veteran of five wartime 
patrols while serving with the U.S. Seventh Fleet in the Pacific during WW II.
October 18th Photo #12
Another shot of the two ships, Big J's neighbors across the river.
October 18th Photo #13
Shot of the Conning Tower of the USS Becuna.
October 18th Photo #14
Armament onboard the Olympia, the forerunners of the guns onboard Big J.
October 18th Photo #15
Aft Turret on the USS Olympia.
October 18th Photo #16
Built about 45 years before Big J, it's a treat to see these two ships so close
together on the Delaware River.  The evolution of capital warships during that 
period is amazing, don't miss the opportunity to visit the USS Olympia and the
USS Becuna when you come to see Big J.  Both ships are easy to reach via
 River Ferry, and the views of Big J as you cross the River are worth the ride! 
For more information on visiting these ships while you're in the area
call the Independence Seaport Museum at (215) 925-5439.
October 18th Photo #17
One final shot looking at the Stern Tubes of the USS Becuna.

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Line Drawing of Big J

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