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I made the trip up from Virginia again today, and the weather wasn't too bad at all for the first of November.  On my last day onboard I was approached by one of the ships regular Docents who asked me if we could put a little shine on the cover over the ships magnetic compass.  I said I would see what I could do on my next visit, so today that was my assigned task.  The ships magnetic compass is located amidships, above the forward missile deck, on the centerline of the ship.  It served as a backup in case there was a failure of the ships main gyro compasses.  The cover is a huge domed piece, resembling a diving helmet with a clear window to view the compass through.  It was a piece we had shined and lacquered in the weeks leading up to the ships opening to the public, but it had tarnished a lot and was in need of a good polishing.  While other members of the Brass Team continued to work in Turret #3, I spent the entire day polishing this compass cover.  At the end of the day it was getting dark and I still wasn't finished with it, but I had to put it back in place.  I'll finish it up on my next day onboard.  Since I was running so late getting off the ship I really didn't take too many photos today, but below are a few from this visit.  The last two were provided by another volunteer and were really taken on the following Saturday when I wasn't there.  That's about it for this trip, hope to see you onboard soon!


November 1st Photo #1
This is the domed protective cover over the ships magnetic compass. 
After spending all day long stripping and polishing it, I had to put it back
in place and head for home.  On my next day onboard I'll finish it up and
 reapply a fresh coat of clear lacquer to help protect it from the elements.

November 1st Photo #2

Another shot of the compass cover with a simulated Tomahawk missile
launch in the background.  It's amazing what a little Brasso and a lot
of elbow grease can do to tarnished piece of brass!
November 1st Photo #3
Brass pipe under the sink in the Officers Head just off the Wardroom,
somebody on the Brass Team is going crazy on polishing the brass!
November 1st Photo #4
Shot off the Port Signal Bridge looking across the river at Philadelphia.
November 1st Photo #5
The ships superstructure was bathed in pink spotlights for the month
supporting the Fight for the Cure campaign against Breast Cancer.
November 1st Photo #6
This is the ships original wheel, recently returned to the ship from the
Navy Museum in Washington D.C.  It was given to the Brass Team to
polish up and make ready for installation back on the bridge. 
November 1st Photo #7
Here's a bunch of the regular members of the Brass Team and the Ships
Artifacts Manager showing off the wheel, look at that baby shine!  I'll
have some photos of it back on the bridge in the near future!

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