November 29th Photos Page

My schedule has been crazy this month and its been four weeks since my last visit to the ship!  It was great to be back onboard today and there was lots to do.  We had a good turnout from the Brass Team and everyone had their tasks to complete.  Today the weather was bitter cold but I wanted to finish the compass cover I had worked on my last time onboard.  Since I had polished it and put it back in place unprotected four weeks ago it had tarnished again rapidly so I had to give it a quick polishing again before applying several coats of clear lacquer.  In between coats of lacquer I worked in the Brass Shop polishing up several brass switch plates.  As promised I managed to finish up a little early today and go up to the Bridge for some photos of the ships original wheel, back in place in the Conning Station.  In the last few weeks the Brass Team polished up everything in the Conning Station, and with the wheel back in place, it looks awesome!  That's about it for today's trip, hope you enjoy the photos.


November 29th Photo #1
That WTD looks great, one down, about 1,000 to go!!

November 29th Photo #2

Shot of the original ships wheel, back in place where it belongs!
November 29th Photo #3
Another shot, everything in here is standing tall and looking good!!
November 29th Photo #4
The wheel is so highly polished you can actually see details of 
items on the bulkhead in front of it, reflected in its surface!
November 29th Photo #5
Close-up of one of the instruments in the Conning Station.
November 29th Photo #6
Close-up of one of two periscopes located in the Conning Station.
November 29th Photo #7
Base of the ships magnetic compass with newly installed compass visible.
November 29th Photo #8
I finished the compass cover today and another volunteer worked
 on the brass base plate, now it's complete and looking good again!
November 29th Photo #9
One more shot of the finished product, next
time onboard I'll be looking for a new project!
November 29th Photo #10
Officer's Galley, located on the main deck aft of the Wardroom.

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