December 20th Photos Page

Onboard again today, the Saturday before Christmas.  We only had four guys onboard today but managed to get a lot accomplished.  We spent the day polishing items down in Auxiliary Steering, located on the crossover passageway at the forward end of Broadway.  When the ships original wheel was returned from the Navy Museum last month, they also returned several other wheels including four wheels that belong down in Rudder Control, one for Auxiliary Steering and another one that will eventually be installed in the other ships Conning Station up on O8.  Today, we spent the day cleaning up the Conning Station in Auxiliary Steering and by the end of the day it was looking pretty fine.  At lunchtime I went ashore to the Ships Store and did a little bit of last minute Christmas shopping.  I picked up a couple of hats, a few shot glasses and a sweatshirt.  These will be welcome gifts and a portion of the money will go to a good cause, the ship!  After lunch I returned to work down on Deck 3 and planned to work until the change of the watch at 1600 hrs.  At that time they usually ring the bells and announce the change of the watch, and that's my queue to get ready to make the trip home.  Since I don't wear a watch, I rely on the bells to tell me it's time to go.  Well, they never rang the bells today, and the next thing I knew it was almost 1700 hrs., time to go!  Once again I didn't get the chance to take very many photos today, but a few from this visit are below.  My next day onboard should be January 3rd, hope to see you then.

Today was my 25th volunteer day onboard for the year 2003.  A round trip from Reston, VA to Camden, NJ is 320 miles.  That means I drove something like 8,000 miles this year to work on Big J!  Spending an average of 7 hours or more onboard each day, I logged over 175 volunteer hours this year.  On January 3rd a new year begins onboard for me and the rest of the Brass Team, come on down and see what you're missing, we can use all the help we can get!


December 20th Photo #1
Christmas tree set up in the Crews Mess down on Deck 2.

December 20th Photo #2

Volunteer polishing fixtures in Auxiliary Steering down on Deck 3.
December 20th Photo #3
Some of the Brass Team taking time out for a Photo Opp!
December 20th Photo #4
Looking Good!!
December 20th Photo #5
One of two large gyrocompasses down on Deck 3, the other one is
located at the opposite end of Broadway, across from Aft Main Plot.
December 20th Photo #6
More polished fixtures, these were chrome, not sure why though...
December 20th Photo #7
Ships auxiliary Conning Station, it looks almost identical to the one on the Bridge. 
Look at that wheel shine, you can see the reflection of items on the bulkhead in it!
December 20th Photo #8
Another shot, looks ready for action down here!
December 20th Photo #9
One final shot, all in a hard days work!
December 20th Photo #10
Other items on the bulkhead that required a little Brasso!
December 20th Photo #11
Hatch leading out to the crossover passageway at the head of Broadway.

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