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Onboard again today, I spent the day working on the Bridge polishing up brass window sills and other fixtures.  One of the highlight of today's visit was a tour of Engine Room #1 and Fireroom #1, conducted by someone who knows those spaces inside and out.  I learned a lot about the ships engines and boilers and earned a new respect for the guys who used to work in those areas!  Not a lot else to report from today's visit, just another day volunteering onboard Big J.  As usual though I did take some photos during the day and a few are included below.  Happy New Year!!


January 3rd Photo #1
I took a peek in the Chapel, somebody has been
busy in here, it looks a lot better with furnishings!

January 3rd Photo #2

My last photos of the Chapel from back in July show
this area empty, it certainly looks a lot better now!
January 3rd Photo #3
The photo just doesn't do this valve justice, it's huge!  There are two
of them in each Fireroom, they regulate steam from the boilers to the
turbines.  I had a training tour of the Engine Room spaces today, and
 it was very educational, thanks Roland!!
January 3rd Photo #4
Admittedly one of the most bizarre pieces of sailor art I've found on the ship.
It is located on the lower level of Fireroom #3.  Can anyone enlighten us on this
work of art and it's creator??  Hope that posting it here doesn't offend anyone...
January 3rd Photo #5
The "E" for Excellence has recently been repainted on Turret #2, looks good!
January 3rd Photo #6
Worked on polishing the brass sill plates on the Bridge today.  Another area where
we've worked before, but time and the weather has taken it's toll on the coatings
applied to these pieces.  We'll never run out of work around here, that's for sure!
January 3rd Photo #7
Entrance into the Conning Station on the Bridge, this
is one of the most heavily armored places on the ship!
January 3rd Photo #8
I've taken lots of photos recently of the ships other two Conning Stations.
This is the third one, located on the Admiral's Bridge on O8.  Since visitors
rarely get up here it's pretty unlikely this one will get the same pampering
the other two have received recently, but I love it up here just like it is!
January 3rd Photo #9
Shot looking forward from O8, I never get tired of the view from up
here, oh what it must have been like to be up here while underway...

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