January 31st Photos Page

Onboard again today, in a word it was COLD!  At 6:45 when I left my house it was 10 degrees, wind chill +1, but the car was warm and I was on my way.  The walk to the ship was brisk, but I was rewarded once onboard with pastries and sandwiches in the Docent's lounge, leftovers from the overnight encampment, but for me they meant breakfast!  There were only four members of the Brass Team onboard today, but with the weather that was a good turnout.  We have been working on the bridge the last few weeks, but being it was so cold we all found tasks to do below decks.  I returned to Auxiliary Steering, a place we did a lot of work recently, to finish up a few remaining items, it really looks great down there now!  I think that area will be a look-in stop when they open up areas of Broadway for tours.  Some photos that demonstrate just how cold it was today are below, my next day onboard should be February 14th, hope to see some new volunteers there, we've got plenty to keep you busy!


January 31st Photo #1
View from the pier at ice on the Delaware River.

January 31st Photo #2

Doesn't look like the Ferry is going to be running anytime soon...
January 31st Photo #3
Sailor art on hatch leading to Sky 1, nice motto!
January 31st Photo #4
A look inside the Charthouse up on O8.
January 31st Photo #5
View from O8 across the Delaware looking at the ice and USS Olympia.
January 31st Photo #6
View forward from O8, one of my favorite places onboard!
January 31st Photo #7
Passing through the Radio Room on my way back to the Brass Shop.
January 31st Photo #8
Looking back toward the Radio Room, hatch on right leads to museum exhibit.
January 31st Photo #9
Inside the museum area, looking better every time I visit, great job!
January 31st Photo #10
Equipment inside Forward Diesel, first time I've really been down here.
January 31st Photo #11
Another shot of forward diesel equipment.

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