February 28th Photos Page

I was onboard twice in February, on the 14th and the 28th.  On Valentines Day we worked on the Bridge again, but on the 28th we worked someplace totally new.  Apparently there is going to be a new museum space opened to the public in the near future.  It's located down on Deck 2, forward of Turret #1 in some former crew living spaces.  I'm not sure what's going to be in the space, it's still under construction, but visitors will also get to see the windlass area, where winches that raise and lower the anchor are located.  I've been in that area before, and noted the large amount of brass and copper there.  I knew we'd be getting the call someday to shine it all up, and that day was today.  The Brass Team had a good showing both days onboard, I just wish we could get a few new recruits to come down and give us a hand.  Spring is just around the corner, and I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday, well maybe one better way, but that's about it...  Anyway, the photos below are from both days, hope to see you onboard on my next trip!


February 28th Photo #1
One of the ships many Docent's I see him manning the Quarterdeck
every Saturday when I arrive, Request Permission to come Aboard!

February 28th Photo #2

We were asked to help move some of the ships artifacts from one area
to another for safe keeping.  A few of the regular Saturday volunteers
strike a pose with plaque honoring the ships contributions during WW II.
February 28th Photo #3
Polished brass fixtures on the bridge.  Brass handle in the
upper right corner of the photo operated the ships whistle
February 28th Photo #4
More fixtures on the bridge, the two portholes
which are visible look into the chartroom.
February 28th Photo #5
Door to enter the Bridge on the Port side.  It was fixed today by a
member of the Brass Team who put a few shims in the hinge to make
it swing open and closed a lot easier.  It's the little things, right Lew??
February 28th Photo #6
Vault door leading into the ships main conning station on the bridge.
February 28th Photo #7
Mannequins on duty in the chartroom, same two portholes as were visible above.
February 28th Photo #8
WTD leading into the mess area.  Just through this hatch on the left is a 
ladder that leads down to the MARDET's bunk spaces one deck below.
February 28th Photo #9
Shot from across the marina as I arrived this morning.
February 28th Photo #10
Photo of control panels in the ships A/C Plant, down on Deck 3 off Broadway.
February 28th Photo #11
Volunteers at work shining and polishing in Anchor Windlass area.
February 28th Photo #12
Whistle while you work.......
February 28th Photo #13
More of the Team working their magic on two brass control wheels.
February 28th Photo #14
Starboard Windlass Control Panel, where I spent the day working.
February 28th Photo #15
Port Windlass Control Panel.
February 28th Photo #16
Final shot of the Windlass Area before heading home to Virginia after a hard days work.

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