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Onboard again on March 13th and again today.  It seems like lately I've fallen into the routine of putting up photos once a month even though I'm typically onboard several times a month.  For my last two visits we've continued to work in the Anchor Windlass area, which is looking great.  The first four photos below were taken on the 13th just before leaving the ship for the day, the rest of the photos were taken on the 27th.  On both days the Brass Team had a good turnout, today we had 10 people onboard and worked in several different areas of the ship.  Today we also had two new volunteers, and that makes me very happy, because there is plenty of work to do!  When I left on the 13th I thought we were just about done in the Anchor Windlass area, but things can sure change in two weeks.  Today we had to do a lot of cleanup following painting in the area, what a mess.  We also received an assignment to strip the paint off two large copper/brass hydraulic fluid tanks on the ceiling of the compartment, thanks PJ (ships painter)!  One of those tanks is plainly visible in the first photo below, it has the red valve on the end.  Anyway, a lot of effort was put into stripping those tanks today, what a messy job!!  There was a lot of progress made on that task though, we're just hoping ole PJ doesn't find anymore surprises for us!  Hey PJ, I think you owe the Team some thanks for their efforts, a little liquid refreshment could be in order!!  Anyway, hope you enjoy the photos, my next day onboard should be April 10th, hope to see you then.  

Oh, one more thing...  Planning is currently underway for this year's Battleship Blast, which will be held onboard on July 2nd.  It's the second year for this event, a major fund raiser for the ship.  The event allows visitors to enjoy a night of fireworks and festivities onboard the ship while at the same time contributing to help fund the ships operation and ongoing projects.  So, mark your calendars for this gala event, a great night out plus the proceeds go to a good cause, what's not to like!!  Hope to see you there!!  For information call (856) 966-1652 (ext 207).


March 13th Photo #1
Overall view of Anchor Windlass area, which will be added to tour routes soon.

March 13th Photo #2

Massive braking unit that controls movement of one of the ships anchor chains.
March 13th Photo #3
Closeup of one of the 4 brass control wheels found in this area.
March 13th Photo #4
OK Frank, two down, and only 998 to go...  Keep up the good work!!
March 27th Photo #1
Visitors arriving on a rainy Saturday morning, the sun did manage to make
an appearance in the afternoon though and it turned out to be an OK day.
March 27th Photo #2
Construction of new berthing areas down on Deck 2 near the Machine Shops.
March 27th Photo #3
Not sure what this area will be used for, but it looks pretty nice so far!
March 27th Photo #4
One of our new volunteers working in the Anchor Windlass area.
March 27th Photo #5
Another new volunteer, together we got a lot accomplished today!
March 27th Photo #6
Volunteer working on stripping one of the tanks ole PJ discovered.
March 27th Photo #7
This is the other tank that was visible in the first photo above.
March 27th Photo #8
PJ, I think you owe these guys a brew buddy!!
March 27th Photo #9
Photo opportunity, OK now smile and say Whiskey!!
March 27th Photo #10
I ate lunch in the Wardroom today, this was the view from my seat.
March 27th Photo #11
Helmets stacked at the ready in a passageway just off the Wardroom that
leads to the portside weather deck.  These kinds of details are everywhere
on the ship, it makes you feel like she's ready for action at any time!
March 27th Photo #12
Hey Ken, these next three photos are for you.  I took a look inside Turret
#2 for the Brass plaque you described but I couldn't find it.  From your
e-mail I think this is where it should have been, but it seems to be MIA.
March 27th Photo #13
Another shot along the rear bulkhead inside Turret #2.
March 27th Photo #14
This should look like old home to you, those are the hatches leading to the
 left gunroom and powder hoist compartment in Turret #2.  Sorry I couldn't
find the plaque, it's possible the ships curator has removed it for future
display in the ships museum, but I don't know for sure.
March 27th Photo #15
Knock... Knock... Anybody home in the 1MC Area??  
March 27th Photo #16
Members of the Radio Club were hard at work when I visited this area
 before leaving the ship today.  The Radio Club has done an outstanding
job of getting many of the ships communications systems up and running
again.  They always have a good turnout of volunteers on Saturdays too!
March 27th Photo #17
Equipment that makes the 1MC system operate throughout the ship.  The
1MC area is on Deck 3, just behind Turret #2, and directly above the CIC.
March 27th Photo #18
Another Radio Club member checking plans and wiring diagrams in the 1MC area.

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