April 23rd Photos Page

I was onboard twice in April, the 10th, and again on the 23rd.  Photos from those two visits are below.


April 23rd Photo #1
The view when I arrived on the morning of April 10th.

April 23rd Photo #2

The Millville Army Airfield Museum had this display open all day on the pier.
It's the nose of an old WW II Army Cargo plane, not sure what designation.
April 23rd Photo #3
The view inside the cockpit of the Army cargo plane shown above.
April 23rd Photo #4
An original Plankowner back to visit Big J!  
He had some great photos and stories to share!
April 23rd Photo #5
I worked on shining up the bell on the quarterdeck today,
this is what it looked like when I was finished.
April 23rd Photo #6
One of two ceremonial guns onboard, this one is located on the Port side.
I've heard rumors that these will be fired on July 2nd during the big 
Battleship Blast fundraiser, that should be interesting to see!
April 23rd Photo #7
Entrance to the ships Armory (Small Arms), just forward of the Wardroom.
April 23rd Photo #8
This is the man responsible for much of the painting that goes on
onboard the ship.  Today he was working on the Crew spaces that 
are seen in most of the remaining photos below.  Great Job PJ!!
April 23rd Photo #9
Crew spaces on Deck 2 masked for painting, a "Before" shot!
April 23rd Photo #10
Another "Before" shot of the area just outside the Anchor Windlass area.
April 23rd Photo #11
One of the Brass Team polishing up the hardware on a
Watertight Door in the newly restored Crew spaces.
April 23rd Photo #12
A couple of the ships staff taking a break from working in the Crew
spaces.  The gentleman on the right is the ships VP of Curatorial Affairs.
April 23rd Photo #13
Photos from here on were taken on Friday, April 23rd.  Here, our buddy
Dan reads a message from Troy Collins to kick off the festivities at
 a Volunteer/Staff appreciation party held on the fantail.
April 23rd Photo #14
A cake, which didn't last too long after this photo.  The Brass Team
was well represented at the party and we were also first in line to 
cut the cake, it was also quite tasty I might add!
April 23rd Photo #15
All photos from here on are "After" shots.  These are completely restored 
Crew spaces down on Deck 2, just aft of the Anchor Windlass area, and
forward of Turret #2.  If not already, these areas will soon be open to all
visitors, this will also include a look into the Anchor Windlass area, a place
the Brass Team has spent a lot of time over the last couple months.
April 23rd Photo #16
Sailor art mural in restored Crew spaces.
April 23rd Photo #17
View looking forward toward Anchor Windlass area, looks awesome down here!
April 23rd Photo #18
Ladder to take visitors back up to the Main Deck.
April 23rd Photo #19
Crew bunks with vintage uniforms on display.
April 23rd Photo #20
Ladder down from the Main Deck, Anchor Windlass area is visible in photo.
April 23rd Photo #21
What visitors will see when they peek inside the Anchor Windlass area.
April 23rd Photo #22
More bunks displayed showing how little room sailors had to store personal items.
April 23rd Photo #23
TV and game table in newly restored Crew spaces.
April 23rd Photo #24
More restored berthing areas, it looks great down here, visitors are
in for a treat when they visit this newly restored area of the ship!!
Bravo Zulu to everyone involved in restoring these areas!!

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