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I was onboard again today for another day of brass polishing.  The weather was great, and the highlight of the day was a visit from the Tiger Marching Band from Richard M. Teitelman Junior High School in Cape May, NJ!  For those of us on the Brass Team it was an extra special treat because the Band Leader is one of our own!  The band performed a number of songs including Victory at Sea, which sounded spectacular!  Bravo Zulu to the entire band and their tireless band leader, Nan!  Great to see that all your persistence finally paid off, hope to see ya'll back onboard again real soon!  In addition to watching the band I did manage to get some work done too.  We had a good turnout on the Brass Team and managed to get a lot done today.  Most of the crew worked up on the O5 level polishing the periscopes on top of Main Fire Control.  I picked up where I left off last fall, back polishing portholes again.  Last Summer I polished and lacquered all 48 portholes on the Main Deck, and they are still holding up quite well.  Today I started on the O1 level, and polished and lacquered 5 portholes on the Starboard side next to Mount 55.  A quick inventory revealed that there are 29 portholes on the O1 level, I should be able to knock them out in a couple of months.  I for one am glad that the cold weather is behind us and we can once again get back above decks and work outside for a change!  In the last several months we've had a number of new volunteers join our ranks, and that's great!  If you are interested in joining the Crew, click Here for more information.  Below are some photos from today's visit, my next day onboard will be May 22nd, hope to see you then!


May 8th Photo #1
The Tiger Marching Band arriving on the pier.

May 8th Photo #2

Tiger Marching Band framed between the 5" guns of Mount 51.
May 8th Photo #3
In formation before boarding the ship.
May 8th Photo #4
Breaking off into columns to come aboard.
May 8th Photo #5
Performance on the Fantail - Photo #1.
May 8th Photo #6
Performance on the Fantail - Photo #2.
May 8th Photo #7
Performance on the Fantail - Photo #3.
May 8th Photo #8
Performance on the Fantail - Photo #4.
May 8th Photo #9
Performance on the Fantail - Photo #5.
May 8th Photo #10
Brass Team member and mild mannered Band Leader, Great Job Nan!
Bravo Zulu to the entire band and their leader, hope ya'll enjoyed your visit.
May 8th Photo #11
Hey Bruce, watch out for that rotating river radar, how
many times did you manage to bump your head on it??
May 8th Photo #12
Brass Team on top of Main Fire Control polishing the 4 periscopes that allow
those below to see what's happening outside when everything is buttoned up.
May 8th Photo #13
More of the Brass Team in action, great day to be working outside!
May 8th Photo #14
Main Fire Control on O5.  Note the new signage showing visitors where
they are and presenting information about the surrounding area.  These
signs were added to help visitors who choose the new self-guided tours.
They are easy to read, informative and enhance the visitors experience.
May 8th Photo #15
Portholes outside Mount 55 that were polished and lacquered today.
The large box in the center of the photo is a newly added video kiosk
that shows visitors a short video presentation about the ships 5" guns.
These video kiosks can be found at several stops along the tour route.

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