May 29th Photos Page

Onboard again, two Saturdays in a row, May 22nd and 29th.  On the 29th the ship hosted a simulcast from Washington, D.C. for the dedication of the new World War II Memorial.  There was a great turnout of veterans for the event and the weather was fabulous.  I tried to not get too distracted by the event though because I had a lot of work to do.  I'm still working on polishing and lacquering portholes on decks O1 and O2 along some newly established self-guided tour routes.  In my last three visits I've polished and lacquered a total of 18, but there are still a lot left to do...   I stayed much later than usual today, trying to take advantage of the weather and get as much done as possible.  It was almost 7:00 before I headed down the gangway on my way back home!  I did however manage to take a bunch of photos of the event on the pier, and a sampling of them are below.  My next day onboard should be June 8th, to work, and also to meet and shake the hand of a true American Hero, General Paul Tibbets.  He will be onboard greeting visitors in the afternoon from 12:30 to 4:30, maybe I'll see you there.


May 29th Photo #1
Jumbo screen set up for simulcast of World War II Memorial Dedication.

May 29th Photo #2

Lots of empty seats on the pier when I arrived, most all would be filled later.
May 29th Photo #3
The view visitors get as they come aboard.
May 29th Photo #4
Hatchways leading below to the Windlass area and newly restored 
crew spaces.  Both areas will soon be added to the tour routes.
May 29th Photo #5
Presentation of The Colors to the crowd assembled
 on the pier for the WWII Memorial Dedication Ceremony.  
May 29th Photo #6
Shot of the crowd on the pier during the ceremony, not many empty seats.
May 29th Photo #7
Another view of the crowd from the Aft Missile Deck.
May 29th Photo #8
A Harpoon Missile Battery, part of the Battleships
ship-to-ship defenses, standing by on the Aft Missile Deck.
May 29th Photo #9
Close-up of the Harpoon Missile Battery firing tubes.
May 29th Photo #10
The crowd was treated to a USO style show featuring lots of patriotic songs
along with others like Boogy Woogy Bugle Boy, one of my favorites... 
May 29th Photo #11
A 21-gun salute was fired by members of the sponsoring VFW post.
May 29th Photo #12
Honor Guard standing by following the salute.
May 29th Photo #13
Army Bugler who sounded Taps.
May 29th Photo #14
Some of the "USO Show" cast leading those assembled in "God Bless America"
May 29th Photo #15
Same as above, I just thought these ladies merited a second
photo, but that's just my opinion, what do you think fellas??
May 29th Photo #16
Shot of the Flag being displayed on the Jumbo Screen.
May 29th Photo #17
All back to normal at about 1900 when I headed home.

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