June 8th Photos Page

I made the trip up from Virginia on this Tuesday morning to meet and shake the hand of a true American Hero, General Paul Tibbets, the pilot of the B-29 "Enola Gay" which dropped the first Atomic bomb on Hiroshima in early August of 1945.  I had the chance to ask him a few questions and get my picture taken with him, a great day in my book!  The visit wasn't all fun though, after meeting the General I continued working on portholes along the new tour routes and managed to get 7 more cleaned up.  I think in another two or three trips I will have completed all the portholes on decks O1 & O2.  There aren't too many portholes above the O2 level though, so pretty soon I guess I'll be looking for my next long term project.  The Brass Team has adopted the ships Main Fire Control Station up on O5 so that area will be receiving a lot of our attention in the coming months.  That's about it for this visit, don't forget that the ships annual fundraiser will be held onboard on Friday July 2, 2004.  The event will feature live entertainment, dinner, and a spectacular view of the fireworks from the deck of the Battleship.  Tickets are still available, for more information feel free to e-mail me at rich@ussnewjersey.com.  Below are some photos of the General onboard, followed by a bunch of photos of the Enola Gay, which is now on permanent display in the new Air and Space Museum building, in Dulles, VA.  My next day onboard will be Saturday, June 26th, hope to see you there! 


June 8th Photo #1
Flags flying at half mast to honor the passing of President Ronald Reagan.

June 8th Photo #2

General Tibbets signing a copy of his book for me.
June 8th Photo #3
The General being interviewed by Carol Comegno, a Courier Post reporter.
June 8th Photo #4
Who's that goofy looking guy next to the General, oh yeah, that's me... 
No wonder you don't see very many photos of me on this website!
June 8th Photo #5
General Tibbets heads for home after visiting Big J.
June 8th Photo #6
General Tibbet's plane, the Enola Gay, is currently on display at the National
Air and Space Museum's new Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, Dulles Airport, VA.
June 8th Photo #7
Enola Gay Photo #2.
June 8th Photo #8
Enola Gay Photo #3.
June 8th Photo #9
Enola Gay Photo #4.
June 8th Photo #10
Enola Gay Photo #5.
June 8th Photo #11
Enola Gay Photo #6.
June 8th Photo #12
Enola Gay Photo #7.
June 8th Photo #13
I couldn't leave without snapping a quick shot of perhaps the 
Baddest airplane to ever take to the sky, an SR-71 Blackbird. 

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