July 2nd Photos Page

I was onboard today to do a little work and also to attend the ships big annual fundraiser, the Battleship Blast.  We had a pretty good turnout and hopefully raised a lot of money too.  Below is a selection of photos taken throughout the day.


July 2nd Photo #1
One of the Tall Ships visiting for the weekend.

July 2nd Photo #2

Arleigh Burke class Destroyer tied up across the River at Penn's Landing.
July 2nd Photo #3
Newly opened Flight Simulator on the pier, one day soon I'll give it a try!
July 2nd Photo #4
Ships Band setup to perform on the pier.
July 2nd Photo #5
Sailing ship passes by and fires a salute to Big J prior to the start of the Blast.
July 2nd Photo #6
USO style entertainment on the forecastle during the Blast.
July 2nd Photo #7
Blast attendees mingling on the forecastle prior to dinner.  By the way,
the hors d'oeuvres were awesome, especially the mini crab cakes, YUM!!
July 2nd Photo #8
These guys entertained the crowd with some great music before dinner.
July 2nd Photo #9
Dinnertime, a little Surf & Turf, a little wine, very tasty!!
July 2nd Photo #10
Graphic projected on Turret #1, when the sun
went down it was time for the fireworks show!
July 2nd Photo #11
Fireworks over the Delaware River, pretty sweet!
July 2nd Photo #12
There were a lot of small boats out on the river enjoying the show too.
July 2nd Photo #13
Fireworks Photo #3.
July 2nd Photo #14
Fireworks Photo #4.
July 2nd Photo #15
At the end of the fireworks show, the ship fired both of her ceremonial 
cannons.  In the photo above one of the ships crew stands by getting
ready to fire the Port Gun.  It was a great way to end the evening!!

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Line Drawing of Big J

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