July 17th Photo Page

Another Saturday onboard polishing portholes, the end is definitely in sight though!  There can't be more than another dozen or so left to do after today, I'm on the downhill slide now!  The Brass Team had another good turnout today and a bunch of the guys continued with our ongoing efforts to restore Main Fire Control up on the O5 level.  Most of the photos below show progress in that area as well as a few from the CEC as I passed through on my way home.  My next day onboard should be July 31st, hope to see you there!


July 17th Photo #1
Brass Team members at work inside Main Fire Control doing their thing!

July 17th Photo #2

Taking time out to strike a pose, great job guys!
July 17th Photo #3
Hmmmm...  Looks like he's found something interesting in the scope.
July 17th Photo #4
Rear bulkhead of Main Fire Control and hatch to exit onto O5 level.
July 17th Photo #5
Bulkhead on the other side of hatch shown in photo above.
July 17th Photo #6
Things are starting to shine in here, looking good! 
July 17th Photo #7
This large scope dominates the center of Main Fire Control.  Hatch to go
below into the Main Conning Station is just visible at the bottom of this photo.
July 17th Photo #8
What a change to go from Main Fire Control, circa 1940's, to the ships
modern CEC down on the O2 level.  Hard to believe we're on the same ship!
July 17th Photo #9
Tomahawk Missile Launch Consoles in the CEC.
July 17th Photo #10
Radar Consoles in the CEC.

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