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I know it's been a while since I've posted any new photos here, but that doesn't mean I haven't been onboard working!  Today was the my fifth time onboard since my last posting in July, continuing to polish brass all over the ship,  Lately my work schedule has been really hectic preventing me from making my regular every other Saturday trips.  In fact, three of the last five trips have been on Sundays, and one was on a Tuesday, go figure!  Actually, I like going on different days because I get to catch up with other volunteers I don't get the chance to see very often.  It seems like each day has it's own group of regular volunteers, and together we keep things running smoothly.  Anyway, below I've posted a selection of photos from those recent days onboard, most are taken in and around Main Fire Control, located at the top of the Conning Tower on O5.  The Brass Team has pretty much finished up working in this area and soon we'll be moving on to other projects.  My next day onboard should be September 25th, hope to see you there!


September 19th Photo #1
Could be one of my next projects, cleaning up the brass in this area on O8.

September 19th Photo #2

Similar layout down on O5 outside Main Fire Control.
September 19th Photo #3
Outside view of Main Fire Control, on top of the Conning Tower!
September 19th Photo #4
These next 10 photos offer a 360-degree view inside Main Fire Control,
starting from the hatch to exit to the weather deck on O5.
September 19th Photo #5
Photo 2 of 10
September 19th Photo #6
Photo 3 of 10
September 19th Photo #7
Photo 4 of 10
September 19th Photo #8
Photo 5 of 10
September 19th Photo #9
Photo 6 of 10
September 19th Photo #10
Photo7 of 10
September 19th Photo #11
Photo 8 of 10
September 19th Photo #12
Photo 9 of 10
September 19th Photo #13
Photo 10 of 10
September 19th Photo #14
Hey, it's Tom Helvig, writer of The Jerseyman, visiting Main Fire Control!
September 19th Photo #15
Leader of the Brass Team, take a bow Bruce, great job!
September 19th Photo #16
Futuristic looking Catamaran tied up in the marina near the ship.
September 19th Photo #17
River Tug working near the ship.
September 19th Photo #18
A Cape May Ferry, slightly off it's normal course, docked near the ship.
September 19th Photo #19
Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer tied up across the river at Penn's Landing.

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