September 25th Photos Page

This was a long day onboard, starting at 9:30 in the morning and ending at 6:00.  I'm happy to report that I've finally completed my quest to polish all the portholes on the ship.  For the record I cleaned, polished and lacquered 99 portholes from the main deck up to O4.  There are still 4 more up on O8 which need to be done, but since they are in an area inaccessible to visitors, they can wait a little while, but not too long.  Today though I focused on a new task, cleaning and polishing the four periscopes on top of Turrets #1 and #2 (two on top of each turret).  The Brass Team has spent a lot of time recently cleaning and polishing the five periscopes on top of the Conning Tower on O5, and I decided those on top of the turrets deserved the same treatment.  The first part involves stripping off many layers of paint from the brass housings, next they get polished and finally they get a coat of wax on top to provide a protective coat against the elements.  It's a slow process, but one that should be completed in my next few days onboard.  

Hey fellas, look at this, photos up the same day they were taken, how about that!  Unfortunately the first photo of the feisty docents on the pier didn't come out too well, too bright.  Sorry guys, but at least I kept my word and posted these here today.  I'll get a better photo of the Saturday morning gang the next time I'm onboard, which should be October 9th.  


September 25h Photo #1
Say Whiskey!

September 25h Photo #2

Corvairs on the Pier.
September 25h Photo #3
A few of the Saturday regulars on the Quarter Deck.
September 25h Photo #4
Another shot of the vintage Corvairs on the pier.
September 25h Photo #5
Large sailboat glides by Big J heading down river.
September 25h Photo #6
Fellow volunteer working on one of the periscopes on Turret #1.
September 25h Photo #7
Oops, that's me, hard at work on the other periscope on Turret #1.
September 25h Photo #8
Battleship New Jersey Band on the Pier.  I love their rendition of the
theme song from Hogan's Heroes!  Keep up the great work gang!
September 25h Photo #9
A large prop recently appeared on shore near the helicopter, not 
sure if it's from the ship or not.  It appears to be brass though, Uh Oh!
September 25h Photo #10
In my opinion this was the "Best in Show" on the pier.  With a Chevy
 350 under the hood I bet this little Hot Rod surprises a lot of people
 who don't pay attention to the Corsa 350 emblems on it's fenders! 

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Line Drawing of Big J

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