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Onboard again today, not the nicest day either, kind of cold and foggy, but at least it didn't rain.  Today I spent most of my day up on top of Turret #2, working on the periscopes that I started on my last day onboard.  They are requiring a lot more effort than I expected, they were covered with many layers of paint, but one by one they are starting to shine again.  Other members of the Team worked up on the O5 level polishing up items in that area.  The O5 level has just been repainted and with the newly polished brass that area looks great!  A few of the photos below were taken by request for a former WW II crewman who worked in the Print Shop!  Hope the photos look familiar Charles, although I'm sure that area looks a lot different than you probably remember it.  Anyway, that's about it for this trip, my next day onboard should be October 23rd, hope to see you there!


October 9th Photo #1
The Saturday gang, standing tall and ready to go on a
cold and foggy morning, great job as always guys!

October 9th Photo #2

Tile insert on the floor of the ships Print Shop.
October 9th Photo #3
Door leading into the darkroom of the ships Print Shop, located on Deck 2.
October 9th Photo #4
View inside the darkroom, look familiar Charles?
October 9th Photo #5
A bunch of the Brass Team striking a pose under the guns of Turret #1.
October 9th Photo #6
Shot from O5 looking forward, two of the periscopes I've been working
on are visible in this photo on top of Turret #1.  The one on the right is
looking pretty good, the one on the left though, still needs more work...
October 9th Photo #7
Shot of freshly painted area on O5, hatch leads to the Bridge, one deck below.
October 9th Photo #8
Freshly polished brass on O5 level, it looks great up here now!
October 9th Photo #9
Another shot of freshly polished pieces on O5.
October 9th Photo #10
One more shot of O5 area, this time looking off the Port side.
October 9th Photo #11
The view as I left for the day, tired and ready to head back to Virginia.

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