October 23rd Photos Page

Today we had 11 members of the Brass Team onboard, a great turnout and also a great time to hold our 1st annual awards ceremony!  It's hard to believe the ship has been open to the public now for three years, and during that time the people you see pictured below have together donated thousands of hours of their time polishing brass and doing whatever is necessary to help keep Big J looking good for visitors.  Everyone on the Team received a framed certificate today, honoring their commitment over the years, and recognizing them for a job well done, Bravo Zulo gang!  We had a great time onboard today, and took the opportunity to take lots of photos to mark the occasion.  We also got a lot of work done, including polishing 8 stanchions on the main deck.  Keep up the great work gang, I'm proud to be associated with each and every one of you!  My next day onboard should be November 13th, hope to see you there!


October 23th Photo #1
The Brass Team (Front row left to right: Bruce, Frank, Vera, Second row left
to right: Charlie, Nan, Dave, Back row left to right: Lee, Mike, Ed, Rich & Lew)

October 23th Photo #2

Great job Nan, and Happy Birthday too!  Were you surprised??
October 23th Photo #3
Great job Dave, one of these days we're going on a boat ride buddy!!
October 23th Photo #4
Take a bow Frank, then get back to work on the WTDs & Knee Knockers!
October 23th Photo #5
Great job Vera, she makes the trip regularly from New York City!
October 23th Photo #6
Great job Ed, Admiral Goode is oh so proud of you!
October 23th Photo #7
Great job Charlie, love them stripes too buddy, makes you look official!
October 23th Photo #8
Come on now Frank, quit hamming it up and get back to work!
October 23th Photo #9
Most of the gang showing off their certificates, a good day was had by all!
October 23th Photo #10
Hey, was that the original Brassmeister on the back of the tug Jupiter??
Nan and I were on the bow working and we thought we heard him call
out as the tug passed by.  Hope you're enjoying your work onboard
the Jupiter, come back and visit us sometime soon!
October 23th Photo #11
Some of the rope stanchions on the Port side that were shined today.

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Line Drawing of Big J

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