December 11th Photos Page

It's been a while since I've posted any new photos, but that doesn't mean I haven't been onboard working!  Today was my forth visit since my last posting, most of those days have been spent polishing brass inside Turrets #1 and #2.  I've also been busy putting together a 2005 calendar featuring photos of the ship, which I gave out to many of the volunteers today.  This morning I arrived to find Santa down on the mess deck, you never know what you'll see on Big J these days!  Below is a selection of photos from my last several days onboard.  My next volunteer day will be December 18th, I'll be bringing some more calendars for those I missed on this trip, hope to see you there!


December 11th Photo #1
A quick peek in the Chapel down on O2.

December 11th Photo #2

This is a bore cleaning brush for one of the 16-inch guns.
This one is for the Port gun in Turret #2, it looks brand new!
December 11th Photo #3
Some of the gang working in Turret #2.
December 11th Photo #4
A shot inside Turret #2 after a days work cleaning and polishing.
December 11th Photo #5
First time I visited the Mardet Armory, located on O2 near the Main Galley.
December 11th Photo #6
A look inside the Armory, note dehumidification tubing on the deck.
December 11th Photo #7
Another look inside the Armory at the small arms rack.
December 11th Photo #8
One of the gang working in the starboard gun room of Turret #1.
December 11th Photo #9
Sailor Art on the bulkhead inside Turret #1.  The Ships
Store sells T-Shirts with this image on them, I love it!
December 11th Photo #10
There he is, Santa, visiting children on the Mess Deck!
December 11th Photo #11
Another shot of Santa and one of his helpers.  I asked Santa
to bring the ship a sleigh load of Teakwood to replace the
 decks, I guess we'll see how good I've been this year...
December 11th Photo #12
Seaman Hornsby, please report to the Aft Mess Deck!  
That means chow time for the volunteers onboard Big J! 
Whenever we hear that call over the 1MC we come running!
December 11th Photo #13
Overall shot inside Turret #1 (looking from Port to Starboard)
December 11th Photo #14
The lights are on and it's time to head back to Virginia, see you next time!

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Line Drawing of Big J

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