December 31st Photos Page

Onboard on New Years Eve, my 30th trip this year!  For my fellow volunteers, be sure to visit Pat or Dan in the Volunteer Affairs office and pick up your copy of the 2005 Battleship New Jersey Calendar.  I dropped off about 50 or so with them today, and they will hand them out until they are gone.  Just a present from me to all the guys that keep ole Big J running smoothly.  Happy New Year!  My next day onboard should be January 8th, come on down and let us put you to work!


December 31st Photo #1
The Banner pretty much says it all - Happy New Year!

December 31st Photo #2

Docent Ready Room, always my first stop, never a shortage of goodies here! 
Thanks to all who bring items all year long, you're efforts are greatly appreciated!
December 31st Photo #3
Plexiglas in door opening so visitors can see the work done by the Brass
Team inside Main Fire Control up on O5.  Check out that door, impressive!
December 31st Photo #4
Spent the day polishing the periscopes on top of Turret #2,
but now it's getting dark and time to hit that ole dusty trail.
December 31st Photo #5
Local Channel 10 News Crew setup on the O2 Weather Deck, getting
ready to do a live broadcast.  There were fireworks over the Delaware
river on New Years Eve and visitors were permitted onboard to watch.
 There were also special overnight events attracting a lot of campers!
December 31st Photo #6
A glorious sunset on the last day of 2004, another year down the tubes...
December 31st Photo #7
The view from the pier as I departed, some really
great colors, not sure the photo does them justice.

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